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  1. Hello, Sorry for the long delay on any sort of support. I had not been checking this forum post. If I have not responded to your request for a bug fix or any sort of support please email me once more to [email protected] or respond directly to this thread and I will make it a priority to fix any problems as fast as possible. Thanks, Lee
  2. If you have an older version of PrestaShop 1.4 and older. Try my old version (attached). exportproducts.zip
  3. This is currently not possible but could be a nice feature for a future release.
  4. I've not had time to look over what the import changes are in but just make sure that all the fields match correctly when you do the import. Change the delimiter in the export modules to a comma as excel does not like it otherwise there are other ways to achieve this in excel but changing the delimiter of the export is the easiest.
  5. I've not tested the module for yet. Did PrestaShop change the import functionality in that version? The export module could be modified to give you a full URL for the product but as it's not required by PrestaShop's import this is something I'm not going to add to the standard version.
  6. Are you using Excel to edit the files? Take a look at the import functionality for PrestaShop, if you can import it then export pro will export it. Message me your order id & email address or just email me directly [email protected]
  7. Its been a while since this was posted and I had stopped work on this for a while but I'll take a look at it.
  8. You can only do this if you edit the code in the module to give you IDs Open AdminExportPro.php in the controllers directory of the module folder. Find the following around line number 425. $cat_array[] = $cat['name']; Change it to: $cat_array[] = $cat['id_category']; That should work but I have not tested it.
  9. Possible to PM me some login info to your store (create a temporary account and delete afterwards) so I can see whats going on?
  10. It will work for that version yes. Whats your php version. You can find out on the Advanced Parameters > Configuration page.
  11. Looking at your options in OpenOffice you just need to select "Komma" from the list and deselect the other options in that section, from what I can tell it is splitting the output on a space currently. What version of Prestashop are you using?
  12. I've just fixed the Order export bug and you should be able to download the latest version from my website. I'll look into this.
  13. The module will definitely export the data from but may require ignoring fields for import into 1.5.3.
  14. Do you mean that the description field is taking up more than one column due to HTML content? ____ Export Products Updated to v2.5.2 - Fix php syntax error.
  15. Sorry, it doesn't have a date limit. You would need to sort the spreadsheet. As I do not speak Spanish I can't read this post but google translate thinks you are asking about the delimiter not being a comma. You can select the delimiter before you export.
  16. @le futbol shop I'll fix the latest version asap. It should also solve the french accents but you can always try another editor as some are known to have issues. @dorian821 This is not my exportproducts module. I look's like you have the wrong forum thread. Could you please remove your post so it does not confuse others. Thanks. @mono1 You don't see Export Products under the Advanced Parameters menu on the back office? try reinstalling from a fresh copy of the module. @terry I think Prestashop has an issue with doing updates via import. I have struggled with this myself recently when trying to update 2000 products. I ended up modifying the import to accept updates. Probably should be reported as a bug. I know if you choose to delete all products on the import options then the import works but this is not really something I like doing.
  17. v2.1.0 Available - Fix product price (now always the base product price, no longer includes reductions) - Fix features (add comma to separate them and add default value for customized) - Fix for prestashop to include only one price and give the option to select which in the options. It's now resolved on both versions.
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