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  1. Ok, I'll have a look into your problem Graham. Also, I hadn't thought about different character sets. I shall update asap.
  2. Export Products Export products generate's a CSV file which will match the Prestashop import functionality. This allows you to quickly make bulk changes to your store with minimal effort. Features Export all products Export by-products by category. CSV delimiter - lets you set the delimiter of the CSV export. Choose to export only active items. Language select. Only export products in your desired language. Multistore Support. Advanced Stock Management Support. Adds a link to your admin menu for ease of use. (You no longer have to dig through the modules page to use this). To use the module after install, navigate to the following: "Advanced Parameters > Export Products" exportproducts-2.7.1.zip I've also released a Pro version of this module which will export product combinations, categories, addresses & customers. You can read more about it here CHANGE LOG UPDATED v2.7.1 (13/07/2020) - Small fixes for 1.7+ prestashop UPDATED v2.7.0 (25/05/2020) - Include new fields for the latest version of PrestaShop. - Fix line endings.
  3. I've just taken the test down thats all. I shall be testing again at some point soon.
  4. I'm glad everyone hasn't found any major bugs. I'm continuously improving it and shall release something soon.
  5. Summary page also shows cart contents. Shipping: Options will be available once its been modularized. At the moment for testing purposes the shipping carrier is fixed. Payment: The payment is set to cast on delivery also for testing purposes. Phone required: I'll look into this as it should be required. Vouchers: These are not yet included but I am going to add them very soon. (today maybe).
  6. Thanks for all your testing! I'll look into the bug of multiple billing addresses as it should not ask you for one if you are logged in. It should just show you your previous one.
  7. ok I think you got me wrong. This is a replacement to the whole checkout process. It's not simply an "Expess Checkout" page. Even if your registered it goes through the same page. Once you have gone through the checkout process you have created an account and are logged in. You shouldn't however have that many addresses added to your account. There must be a bug to do with the billing address once you are logged in.
  8. Why hide the my account block? since you have just ordered and want to see your order history. It would be a step backwards to deny the user this functionality imo. Carriers will be added once this is modularized, its really just WIP atm.
  9. @12 Bug1 : "County" is the correct word / spelling its the UK equivilent of "State" (sort of) , I'll look into why its coming up as invalid. Bug 2: Thats the correct behavior. As the payment method I'm using to test is just cash on delivery. So no payment is required.
  10. Mark, I'll look at the different versions when modularizing the code and will try and release a module that is backwards compatible. I'll add IE 7 to the list. Do you have a version number for the IE 7 your using? Normally found in "Help > About" on most browsers.
  11. Thanks BertB. I'll add Chrome to the list of working browsers. When the code is modularized I had intended on making it work for whatever payment method you are using.
  12. Thanks for your kind comments. It's running on the latest version of PS. There's plenty of styling faults on the page but those arnt my concern. I just want to make sure its working in older browsers.
  13. May I ask what versions of both browsers please e.g. Mozilla Firefox: Version 3.5.5 Internet Explorer: Version 8.0.6001 Thanks
  14. It's not a module yet. I need people to test it and then once its working correctly I will attempt to modularize it. Once fully working i'll release for everyone to use.
  15. Hey All, I've created a new one page Ajax checkout and I need some testing help. For now the Carrier and payment modules are hardcoded into the page but I will attempt to modularize this checkout version if I can get it stable in all the major browsers. I'm particularly interested in IE6 since my site's customers are in the dark ages still. Anyway the demo store can be found at: http://ps.lmwood.com Have a run through the checkout and let me know what you think and please report all / any problems. If everyone can report the browser they used with the version number that would be amazing. e.g. Mozilla Firefox: Version 3.5.5 Cheers, Lee. EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention that will need testing. Checkout once to create your account. Then logout and checkout again a second time. It should ask you for your password providing you use the same email address. Tested Working OS/Browsers: PC: Firefox: Version(s) 3.5.5, 3.5.3 Opera: Version 9.80 Internet Explorer: Version 8.0.6001 Internet Explorer: Version 7.0.6000.16890 Google Chrome: Version Unknown ----------------------------------- Mac: Safari: Version 4.0.3 Firefox: Version 3.5.5 Google Chrome: Version ----------------------------------- Bugs All Browsers - Invalid Token on hitting the browser back button.
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