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  1. On 7/7/2020 at 2:12 PM, Big_Joe said:

    where can I get the trial version?

    Should be able to download from the original post?

    On 7/9/2020 at 7:06 PM, ej.farsta said:

    It doesn't work on PS.
    Module is installed, I can acces it but when I try to export - nothing happens...

    Did you manage to get the module to work? if not feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can help.

    On 7/10/2020 at 3:29 PM, Punto COM said:



    how to cron you module?

    The module doesn't have a cron option yet.

    @HansZM What version of prestashop are you running. I guess this fixes are related to 1.7+ and the module probably works without a hitch for 1.6.


  2. Feel free to contact me with your order reference number and I'll provide you with the latest version of the module for free, regardless of when you ordered it.

    Export Pro v 2.2.0 Released.
    - Fix for PrestaShop
    - Quicker exporting of larger datasets.

    Export Pro v 3.0 - In development
    - Much more options for export of (products, categories, etc).
    - Chunked export to deal with very large datasets. (e.g. 100,000+ products, orders, etc)
    - Much more...


    On 28/03/2018 at 11:31 AM, Sebafaim said:

    I bought the Pro version, it was a big mistake, doesn't work and no support....

    Don't buy this plugin, it doesn't worth anything...


    Please feel free to email me message me about your problems here I the forum or via [email protected] I'll resolve any issue you have quickly. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

  4. I exported a load of products with the module and it all works very well.

    Problem is, I need to import them to another site which has conflicting product ID's

    I tried to import them using Pretashop's standard import module and set "Force all ID numbers" to "No"

    This should have the effect of forcing the imported ID's to be auto incremented.

    Unfortunately it didn't work overwrote the existing products.

    No big deal as I restored the database to what it was.


    I thought I might be able to manually change the product ID's in the exported CSV.

    Trouble is, I'm unable to get the columns to display properly using any combination of separators when I try to edit it in excel using the data import option.

    Is there anything non standard with the exported csv?


    Does anyone know if it is even possible to merge the exported products into an existing site using this method?

    Delete the product id column before you import and it should import them fine or ignore it during the import.

  5. @es




    when i try to import categories cannot be saved, what can i do?


    If you are importing into a new PrestaShop install, you need to remove the root and home categories if they exist then the import should work as intended. Also, don't import the ID column on new installs of PrestaShop and change the parent IDs to the actual category names. 

    Export Pro wasn't designed for migration of Prestashop to Prestashop. It was designed to be used as a mass update system but can be used as such but tweaks are required on the files to make them work perfectly.

  6. Hi,

    I bought your module today, and i realise that he support only csv export.


    Can you tell, when was possible to export in XML format

    I don't plan on supporting XML format in the near future but it is a possibility.


    Have an issue that csv contains character \ after every product name (whether excel or not). You fixed this on an earlier version but just tried the 4.2.0 and find the problem is back, requiring me to search and replace to get rid of the characters. 

    Export Pro has never had the version 4.2.0 are you sure you are using Export Pro and not another module similarly named?



    Also some columns are not separated properly after export, ie rows of products (product name field) are placed within the product description field. It's a mess. 

    See Above.

  7. Update v 2.1.6

    - Combinations Export: Minimal Quantity is now included.

    - Combinations Export: Image URL & positions are now showing up correctly.

    - Combinations Export: Attributes are ordered by attribute group rather than the default order in which they were added to the product combination.


    The update is available through my website and is pending on addons.

  8. Prestashop

    Export Pro 2.1.5

    I've tried to send you an email([email protected]), but the mail is always bounced.


    My Problem:

    if I export combinations; the field image position is always empty, although each combination has several images which were stored correctly in the database.


    Any idea or solution for this?






    I'll provide a fix for this shortly.

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