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  1. Just go to „modules/productcomments” folder and open „productcomments.php”. Find this line: $tabz[] = (new PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Product\ProductExtraContent())->setTitle($this->l('Reviews'))->setContent($this->hookProductFooter($params)); , and change Reviews title with your own. That`s it.
  2. The TemplateMonster support fixed all my issues in the end. Thank you.
  3. And the comments does not appear in back office, but they are visible in front office. I hope templatemonster fix those files eventually. The comment module is a mess. I have tested a couple of their demo themes and all have the same issue...
  4. Hi, No, is on front office. You will have to make an account and to be logged in to see those buttons. You can test it here: http://p.e-mobila.com/mobila-copii/2-ipod-shuffle.html
  5. It works. One more thing. Those two buttons dosn`t react when I click on them (I have attached a screenshot) Thank you Vekia
  6. Hi, I will accept help from anyone at this time. The issue with comments: http://p.e-mobila.com/mobila-copii/2-ipod-shuffle.html The comments feature works with the prestashop default theme (see here: http://p.e-mobila.com/mobila-copii/5-ipod-touch.html. I`ve made a test before installing the new theme from TemplateMonster. After that it didn`t work anymore. I think is something wrong with the theme files of the module. And please check the category block too. Thank you Paulito. Valentin
  7. I have a very bad experience with one of templates purchased from TemplateMonster. I am writing this to let everybody know that if you encounter any kind of problems after the purchase of a theme you`ll be on your own, not fix, no money back. I have a ticket oppened since 26 of April and only two anwers that will be fixed in a couple of days. Until now I don`t have a resolution on this. My problems are represented in the screenshots bellow. I oppened two complains on their site regarding their support and the both tickets was closed without any answer offered. I have purchased themes before, but until now, nobody ignored me like they do. If someone from TemplateMonster is on this forum, please tell me what happen with my tickets, and why such bugs are not solved in a convenient time.
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