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  1. Hiya, I have a store and want to sell variations of one product. The product is say 5 chocolate bars. I want the user to be able to click on the 5 chocolate bars product then be able to select 5 chocolate bars from a possible 8 and buy them for a set price of £10 can this be done? How I tried to do this was to use the combinations and have 5 dropdown boxes with all 8 chocolate bar choices in each, the user would then choose which 5 they wanted and buy, but this seems to create too many combinations, 8^5 is 32768 different combinations and it just crashes. Is there another way of achieving this or any modules I could use?? I am using version 1.4 Thanks
  2. Hi, Is there a way to add a new custom hook to a module without having to edit the module php file. If I edit the module php file, each time i upgrade the module my modifications will be deleted overwritten. I have added new hooks to the database and extended the FrontController, but I want to use these hooks with a number of modules but dont want to have to change each of the modules core php file. is there a way of overriding them or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have made 4 categories in my shop that are all under the main category home. i want to list these categories in a page and display the category image and description. doest anyone know how I can acheive this? I have attached an image to show how I would like to display it in the page Thanks
  4. Hi, did you find out how to do this, I would also like to know?
  5. Hi, I am just about to start a website that need to have both an ecommerce section and a content management section. The content management section needs to be similar to creating a site in wordpress, that allows me to add and manage pages with specific content. Maybe even use a different template layout per page. I have used the CMS section of prestashop but it doesnt quite meet all of my needs. Is there a CMS Module out there that could help me? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  6. When using the layered navigation block, with JavaScript disabled, the filter variables are placed into the URL in the order they are selected, for example: http://www.domain.co.uk/color_white/material_glass/ or http://www.domain.co.uk/material_glass/color_white/ The above URLs, if viewed, would show exactly the same contents, despite being on different URLs and as such not best practice for SEO. I was wondering if there was anything out there that people have already done, or patches people have placed on the filter plugin to prevent this? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a 3 carriers that calculates the shipping cost depending on the weight of the product. I am wanting to allow free shipping to customers who spend over £100 but only on 1 specific carrier can this be done, I have been looking everywhere Thanks
  8. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to stop the layered block adding a hash to the url query string when filtering products, or even just changing the hash to a question mark. The reason I ask is because I recently added the Quantity boxes in product lists module but as soon as the url has a hash in the querystring it doesnt seem to work. If i change the hash in the url to a '?' it works fine but I have no idea how to change this any suggestions?? Thanks
  9. Hi, I am wanting to be able to sell samples of certain products on my site. The samples will be set to £1 each but im not sure quite how to do this. I am wanting to basically add a button on the product page above the 'add to cart button' that says 'order sample' and it just adds the £1 sample to the cart Any one know how I could achieve this? cheers
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