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  1. Hi! Thanks for reply! SHACKER: Try to write Beethowen with simple "v", like this: Beethoven and you will get more results. Thanks for the tip, I regenerated the index and now the search results are the same on both languages. Now at Preferences / Search I see this: Indexed products: 2535 / 4849. Hmmm, what does it mean exactly? There is another option above the "Regenerate Indexes" something like this: "Add missing products to indexes" (translating back from Hungarian). What this option will do exactly? Need to use it or not ? I'm trying to understand the conclusion. Do I have to rebuild the indexes daily manualy, or use a cron provided by a link here at preferences / search. SUTHICHAI: You wrote: "Just made a test and found If we choose Indexation, cron job is optional." Where can you choose Indexation ? I don't find tjis option at backoffice.. B.r. Flx.
  2. Hi shacker! I'm sure you are not right! Try to search for "beethoven" when the site language is US. (click US flag if not) You will get about 168 results. Now click on the Hungarian flag (red,white,green) and you will get about 481 results. It's a huge difference and I can't imagine why ! b.r. flx.
  3. Hi There!! I can't imagine why but the search result are different in each language. In product_lang table the fields are contains exactly the same data in each language because I copied them with SQL statement. You could try it if you search for "beethowen" or "chopin" in www.lpcorner.com website. You will see the results are not the same if you switch the site language to other. Can someone help me to find the reason ? I tried to upgrade the site in my test environment to the most recent Presta version but it not solved the problem. Flx.
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm using Presta and I looking for a solution for the following: When I modifying or creating a new product I do it on the Presta's default language. But because Presta has 3 other languages installed now I have to made a product modifications on every single language (for example description text or short description text, etc.) and it takes extremly long time. All these things are unnecessary for me because I use the same name and texts on every product, on every languages. I use the multi language feature just because the user interface. So how should I handle my products on one single language ? Best regards: flx.
  5. Hi! Sometimes I put some special codes like: serial number, product number or a unique ID to a product's description or short description text. Frequently it colud be very useful to find these codes with a search option (top right corner) from back office. But it looks impossible, the back office seems doesn't search in description texts. Why, and how could be improve it ? The customers can find these codes because the shop's search engine is much better, it also searches the description texts !! good luck flx
  6. Can't assign paypal payment to european countries

    Finaly I solved the problem myself. I deleted (uninstalled) the Paypal module completly and I installed again. (Downloaded from prestaShop.com add-ons) After installation the problem was still exists, but after I clik reset on Paypal modules.... VICTORY!!! Now I can turn on every country as a payment method with Paypal.. Thats it.
  7. Hi! When I activated Paypal module by default the European countries wasn't assigned to as a payment method. Now I try to assign some countries, for example U.K., or Germany but after I click save button the countries still remain deassigned. I don't really understand why ? Any idea ? Prestashop: Paypal: v2.8.5 thnx: flx
  8. Hi! By default prestashop has a search option in the top right corner in the frontend and backend (admin), Now I found that the frontend is also seraching in product name and also in other fields such as description texts. The problem is that the backend doesn't search in the description texts. Why? How could I get a same serch result as in the frontend ? thanks... flx.
  9. Hi! Just a new idea. Maybe is it possible to copy all the description texts from original language to english in the database. I'm not an SQL expert, so maybe someone can help... flx.
  10. Link currency to language

    O.K. Thanks guys !
  11. Hi! I just added a second language (english) to my site. When a customer switch the site to english I want to switch the currency to Euro. How can I do that, how can I link a currency to language ? thanks. flx. presta v.
  12. Thanks Mike I know it! But I don't want to do it with 1000's of products. I just want to show the same descripton text in the english view as in the original language view! Is it possible somehow ? thanks.. flx.
  13. Hi! I've a Prestashop v. site with 1000's of products. Now I added a second language (english) to the site. Now when I switch the site to english I can browse the products, but in the product view the short description and the descripton text disappeared. How can I show these texts in the english view ? Thanks for help! flx.