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  1. load a javascript file in the header

    No that can not work by this way, there is something that is to be modified...
  2. Changing Front Page text and Image

    You need to go to your modules page in your admin area find the home text editor module and click where it says “configure”. This will then bring up a page with the homepage logo and the text boxes for you to edit.
  3. Adding Background Image

    Hey chrs, Just remove the line ---> background-color: blue; and also update the line ---> text-align: left;
  4. [MODULE] Carousel

    hey how can i adjust the positioning of slider on homepage?
  5. Footer, where is it

    hey tell me how to replace the whole footer with the different one?
  6. Can i change the attributes of the module regarding to functionality?
  7. Hey just tell me can I if change the header with different one? If yes, then how can i make it possible?
  8. Colors on product-list.tpl

    hey jus tell me can i replace the whole footer with different one? If yes, then how can i do it?