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  1. I have my own rules, marketplaces have their own rules. You have a choice (you have your own rules)
  2. Thank you for your like Have you an email based on your site's domain? If yes then you can not able to sign-in with it. See the note from the site. Use any other your email.
  3. I have released 1.5.0 version of the module 😀: Added support for PrestaShop 1.7 and at the same time you can now edit new file types that related to email templates: CSS style files and TWIG template files. Slightly improved a user interface - instead of displaying full file paths, now relative paths from the site root are displayed.
  4. Hello everybody! 🙂 After almost 9 months, I decided to raise the cost of the module by 10 euros. My module is very cool and compares favorably with analogs, although all this time it was cheaper
  5. Hello. You need to improve CSS styles for your version of PrestaShop: https://github.com/zapalm/homecategoriez/tree/master/views/css I think an adjust of a block height is needed. Or 👇
  6. Promo-code to get the maximum discount of 30% on Addons: ECO-B0AC143833483AA5
  7. If I understand you correctly, you ask about your specifics, for which the module needs to be modified accordingly. If you need free help in programming, then contact somebody in a proper forum topic and ask about your task. Maybe someone interested can help you for free. I always consider a good idea of a new feature that will be useful to most online stores for development. But I am not sure that your feature may be needed by most.
  8. This is the module. And, yes, you can change a template to show a price in the view like on that site. See my answers above for similar questions.
  9. I have updated the module for supporting PrestaShop 1.5 with new features as for PrestaShop 1.6-1.7. I have also updated the documentation and now it is more clear. The update is online now. Reasons to moving unavailable products to the end of each list instead of hiding them. The module will allow you to leave products visible for search bots and users until products temporarily unavailable or will no longer available (end of life). This is a good practice, since product pages stay available in a search index of search engines and therefore saves free user traffic from a search. In addition, you could get potential user activity, for example, commenting on products by users on your site or linking to these pages from another site, which may attract new potential customers.
  10. As you can see the module has the filter. That default block of combinations must be removed, so as not to confuse a buyer (there is the instruction in the manual of the module). But a CD with 700 Mb is exists as you can see. Any way, the filter will display all of attributes of a correct combinations for a product. If it possible you can disable the filter to show all of combinations. And also you need to enable the option of the module "Hide combinations that do not have a full set of attributes". Then you never see broken combinations. You are confusing a broken combination and a product without stock! You first described your problem with broken combinations. This is an exceptional case, which can happen by mistake of a content editor or some combination generator. You have now learned that my module can handle this exceptional situation and how it handles. To remove goods from the table that not in stock, the module has another option: "Show only in-stock combinations". See my first answer to you with the screenshot of settings of the module "Other settings".
  11. Hello. The module uses category_default image type. But already for new versions of PS current styles of the module are not fully comparable with the new theme of PS 1.7. 👇
  12. You're lucky My module solves this specific issue. See screenshots. Screenshots will also answer your questions. But, if not for everything, then read the module description on a module marketplace (see links above).
  13. That page for a download has long been deleted. That script is for outdated versions of PrestaShop: 1.3, 1.4. But if someone still needs it, I posted the download link on the page of my also free module Order Editor 2.0. @lordshop The feature is available in PS 1.7! I have checked it in PS and also in PS I recorded a video instruction: Скачать видео Скачать видео
  14. Hello, @LenM and @gray Thanks for the feedback! 😀 Clarification to readers: the module works regardless of the selected sort (of any type).
  15. As you can see in the picture, only one category can be selected. ☝️ ☝️ ☝️
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