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  1. Hi Dallerdkj, have you found the solution to crop images from middle center?
  2. So I did a rough edit. I have deleted email template files from /modules/blocknewsletter/mail/en/ and themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blocknewsletter/mail/en/. Maybe there is a better solution?
  3. Hello, it would be great if someone could help me. I'm tried for few days with no success. Message just doesn't appear in order. What I'm trying to do is move "comment" field from 3. Address (image 1) to 5. Payment (before or after client selects Bank Wire payment method (image 2 and 3) to let buyer enter Name, Number and Sort code (it is for transferring money to clients bank account). Other way is add 3 text input fields, that will display details in the order after confirming, it is better, but i think harder to do? I'm copying from order-adress.tpl: <div id="ordermsg" class="form-group"> <label>{l s='If you would like to add a comment about your order, please write it in the field below.'}</label> <textarea class="form-control" cols="60" rows="6" name="message">{if isset($oldMessage)}{$oldMessage}{/if}</textarea> </div> To payment-execution.tpl line 52, the field appears, but does not work. Please help! 1. 2. 3.
  4. Vekia thank you very much!!! Worked like a charm! Now with some css i can float submenu list left and make vertical image float right. Beautiful! Thanks again!
  5. Hello! I am modifying top menu submenu (2 level). Can somebody please help me to move <li id="category-thumbnail">...</li> up to be the first item on list not last? Thanks!
  6. This works, but whem I hook Theme Configurator near slider, it resizes to original size. So in homeslider.js you also need to change line 59: if ($('#htmlcontent_top').length > 0) $('#homepage-slider').addClass('col-xs-12'); else $('#homepage-slider').addClass('col-xs-12'); set both to 12 (was 8). Thanks! now it works like I need it to
  7. Safari just doesn't save new pictures. Chrome does.
  8. Thanks soni991 !!! That works! Saved me a lot of time!
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