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  1. @elpatron Thanks for the additional input. I could see how this would be a problem. However I wouldn't want everyone being able to register as a wholesaler, so it is actually better in my case that I manually assign groups.
  2. Once customer groups are set up, is it possible to display only selected categories for that group? The store would have items that are not yet available for public purchase, but I would like to have only wholesalers/distributors browse those and order those items. I am thinking of a wholesale/distributor group where only that group will be able to see/buy items from a category(ies). I would not be averse to an alternative solution or buying a module.
  3. I've found out that there wasn't a problem in the first place. The various links does work, just didn't work as I expected to. There are a default set of links in the blockcms.tpl file, once you select the pages you want to use in the footer links your selection is appended to the default links. What I expected was for the default links to be replaced by those I've selected in the configuration. To achieve this I used ammended the original blockcms.tpl file to show those default links only if there are no user selected cms links. here's the amended code: ><!-- MODULE Block footer --> </pre> <ul> {if !$cmslinks} {if !$PS_CATALOG_MODE}getPageLink('prices-drop.php')}" title="{l s='Specials' mod='blockcms'}">{l s='Specials' mod='blockcms'}{/if} getPageLink('new-products.php')}" title="{l s='New products' mod='blockcms'}">{l s='New products' mod='blockcms'} {if !$PS_CATALOG_MODE}getPageLink('best-sales.php')}" title="{l s='Top sellers' mod='blockcms'}">{l s='Top sellers' mod='blockcms'}{/if} {if $display_stores_footer}getPageLink('stores.php')}" title="{l s='Our stores' mod='blockcms'}">{l s='Our stores' mod='blockcms'}{/if} getPageLink('contact-form.php', true)}" title="{l s='Contact us' mod='blockcms'}">{l s='Contact us' mod='blockcms'} {l s='Powered by' mod='blockcms'} PrestaShop™ {/if} {foreach from=$cmslinks item=cmslink} {if $cmslink.meta_title != ''} {$cmslink.meta_title|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {/if} {/foreach} {l s='Powered by' mod='blockcms'} PrestaShop™ </ul> <br> <!-- /MODULE Block footer
  4. So I'm trying to select which links should show up in the footer's various link area [see img.1], however no matter what I select this hook reverts to a default set of links. If this is something that can only be changed in the tpl file why is there configuration options in the back office? What do these options do?
  5. I don't know if this is correct or expected behaviour. I removed the right column from the theme like this: {* {$HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN} *} and as a consequence the cart product count and totals in the user info area (top right) won't update without manually refreshing the page. Once I've restored the right column it works properly, so I removed the cart block from the column and again no updating in the header, moving the cart to the left and voila! user info updates, So is the information in the userinfo cart area completely dependant on the cart block existing somewhere else on the page? I could always hide the cart block with css but this seems to me a poor solution.
  6. I am trying to change the look of a module but am determined not to touch that module's original files. I've copied the '.tpl' file to my my_theme/modules/modules_name/ directory. So I've been able to rearrange things to the way I want. The problem I'm having is linking to a stylesheet I've created in the same folder above. I have in the tpl file href="{$tpl_dir}modules/module_name/file.css" but that doesn't work. ****UPDATE**** I might have framed the question poorly. What I'm looking for is the prestashop smarty variable for the current theme. I don't want to use {$theme_dir}/my_theme/ as I'm try to avoid using a specific theme. I've put the css file in my_theme/css/ and called {$css_dir}/my_css_file.css which works, but I'd still like to know the variable for the current theme directory.
  7. I've also tried the module from this thread [link]. Now I am getting an internal 500 server error on the success.php page. I've check permissions and they are OK (ie) module's directory 644 and files in the directory 755. I'm pulling my hair out.
  8. I'm using the nochex module from this thread [link] .
  9. I'm now getting a internal server error on the success.php page. Still order is not being complete.
  10. I tried this module and I get a 500 error when hitting the success page. Any Ideas?
  11. @timpet the callback page is http://mysite/modules/nochex/validation.php so I'm guesing that should validate the order. The code from @safa's post is commented out in validation.php should I uncomment that section?
  12. I'm trying to get prestashop working with NOCHEX, everything seems fine on the NOCHEX payment page but the customer is then returned to a full cart on the order page, and no order is recorded. When I look at the the NOCHEX transaction history it shows callback failed. My responder url is http://mysite/modules/nochex/validation.php. success url is http://mysite/order.php Please help.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean date, but in the contact-form.php I added the array after $errors = array(); line 8
  14. I noticed in the /int.php file there is an array which includes the line: 'shop_name' => Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME'), so I added the following to the contact_form.php file $smarty->assign(array( 'shop_phone' => Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_PHONE'), 'shop_address_line1' => Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_ADDR1'), 'shop_address_line2' => Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_ADDR2'), 'shop_zip' => Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_CODE'), 'shop_city' => Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_CITY'), )); I'm not sure if that's the right place to do that but since I saw the name there then I figured why not just add the address and phone number etc... In the contact_form.tpl I inserted the following. {$shop_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {$shop_address_line1|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {$shop_zip|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {$shop_city|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} I'm sure it would be better to build a module, but I'm not up to speed on that yet.
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