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  1. Γεια σας παιδιά και από εμένα. Θάνος είναι το όνομά μου και είμαι web designer/developer.
  2. I'm having a major issue with encoding on my prestashop. I'm using Greek as default language and everything looks good at the first sight, everything working as intended. Well the problem begins when I decided to view the page source (for SEO reasons) and I realized that everything was mess up with every single Greek character. Instead of getting the word Σύνδεση for example I was getting Σύνδεση. I went berserk cause everything that my shop wants to promote through SEO is wasted from this issue. I tried hardcoding a couple of words and they worked just fine. But everything that's coming from the translating system of prestashop is totally messed up. My database collation is utf8_unicode_ci so it's not a database related issue. Even if i try to print a page it has the same output. I hope someone can help me in that because having problems with fpdf and utf-8 is ok but such an issue ruining my SEO is really really bad. Thanks in advance
  3. Something like gamespot.com changing themes on index depending on the game? If that's what you mean it would be very useful!
  4. Wonderful idea but unfortunately due to the FDPF it won't work for Greek
  5. I upgraded perfectly without any problems to 1.2 and I've just discovered a bug. Search is not working for some reason. Anyone can confirm this?
  6. Was really easy to upgrade without any problems but I did not have many pictures or customized modules.
  7. I guess changing !$this->registerHook('leftColumn')) to right will do the job (requires uninstal/install though). But still is there a faster way?
  8. Apologies for my dump question. How is it possible to hook modules into different blocks? Not just move them Up and Down but also Left and right. For instance get the My Account module to the right sidebar.
  9. I don't think there is something wrong with the path there. If you set it correctly on your config.inc.php there shouldn't be a problem. Thing is that even if you run PDF.php in a fresh install the syntax error is still there for some reason.
  10. Hello there and thanks for sharing this migration with us. I'm having the same problem as the person above me (keep getting blank page) and I know it has something to do with the PDF.php which I edited manually, downloaded the files in this thread but each time I'm getting the same result. Running the default PDF.php gives me (PDF exports perfectly, well almost due to UTF-8 failure): meanwhile the migrated PDF.php: Any ideas please?
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