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  1. I just turned off caching via filesystem and the disk space used instantly fell from 4GB to 200MB so we have a solution! Thanks for all the input
  2. PS. tools/smarty and tools/cache don't have anything in them apart from the index.php files.
  3. Thanks for the reply Mike, sorry, I edited my post probably as you were drafting the response to clarify that I now know that the shop/cache/ folder is the issue......(it's 3.8GB in size apparently!!) Inside my shop/cache/ folder I have a folder called /cachefs and this then seems to have subfolders 0-9 and A-Z plus two documents called keyscached and tablescached. There's no index.php file in (directly under /cache/ ) that I can see - am I safe to delete cachefs and all those subfolders?
  4. I'm hosting a site using prestashop and it has become MASSIVE as in 4GB of disk space being used. It's not particularly massive in terms of the number of products, and I'm baffled as to why it is using up so much disk space (my host has confirmed that it's the prestashop folder which is, itself over 4GB in size). I've checked the image sizes and while some are large in web terms, they're large as in 220KB-500KB (they're not 100MB!) and there aren't thousands of them, only a few dozen. I've asked my host to check where the bulk of the diskspace is being used up and most of it is in the shop/cache/ folder which has a load of subfolders beneath it- therefore what I want to know is, can I safely delete the contents of this /shop/cache/ folder or will this have knock on effects elsewhere? Is there an option in the admin to clear the cache or do I need to do this via filemanager (or other means?) Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm just giving this a last bump before we start looking for an alternative shopping cart.
  6. No replies to this? Is Paypal Pro not working at all? If that's the case, why is it an option in the Paypal 2.4 module????? Anyone?????
  7. Can anyone tell me if Paypal Pro (virtual terminal) aka Integral evolution works out of the box using the Paypal module 2.4? The setting is there in the module but when I try to use it with a test purchase, this stalls on the redirect to paypal stage. (It's all set up on their paypal account, they are paying the monthly subscription for it). From reading other threads it isn't clear whether this is supposed to be working "out of the box" with 1.4.3 or not. Can anyone tell me if they have got it working as I have a client who needs to be able to accept "regular" credit card payments by this method. Thanks in advance.
  8. Ok second issue has mysteriously ceased to be a problem
  9. OK my SSL issue after struggling for several hours appears to have magically sorted itself.....
  10. Hi, I'm trying to download a mod that a friend has bought from the prestastore (he's given me his login details as I sort out his site for him) so I went to download it and after asking me to confirm the URL for installation (which autofills with his shop URL), it just shows a red box around it as if indicating a problem and doesn't let me download the module. It's the Slideshow module and it has been paid via his paypal account. What am I doing wrong please? Thanks
  11. Thanks very much for your help - that's me sorted!
  12. Hi, I have a problem with an installation. I've sold a product and am now getting a "product out of stock" message. On the product page, as far as I can see, there are 3 in stock but it's showing out of stock on the customer side webpage. I have also ticked "allow ordering if out of stock" but the shop isn't allowing it, and is asking the user to provide an email address to be notified when stock is replenished..... Nothing i seem to be able to do actually replenishes the stock levels - how do I "add more stock" to get rid of the out of stock message? Must be a simple way to do it but I can't see it! I've looked in preferences/stock and everywhere else I can think of and have searched the forum but I can't find a solution. Thanks in advance.
  13. thanks for the suggestion. Yes it's set to UK, and the site is set up to sell to UK customers only (due to the bulkiness of some of the products). Therefore I'm assuming that because it's for UK customers only, that the site will automatically apply UK P&P;as the (non logged in) user goes along adding products to their cart - I don't know if I've got this wrong and P&P;is only updated once the user is logged in (and has confirmed where they are)?
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