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  1. Hi everyone, NEW QuickUpdate Products Manager v4.8.0 is available. What's new: New "Texts & SEO" section and functionality New auto-translate functionality Multiple other improvements and bug fixes
  2. Hi everyone, NEW QuickUpdate Products Manager v4.7.3 is available. What's new: Multiple bug fixing and improvements Available for purchase here: https://prestashop.endpulse.com And on Prestashop Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com Best regards, Daniel
  3. Hi everyone, After quite some time, a new version of the QuickUpdate Products Manager module is now available, which brings a lot of improvements over the previous versions but most importantly compatibility with all the new versions of Prestashop including v1.5. v1.6, v1.7 Updated first post with all the detailed info. Available for purchase here: https://prestashop.endpulse.com And on Prestashop Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com Best regards, Daniel
  4. Hi guys, Updated the first post with the latest version info about the module. Best regards, Endpulse
  5. Hi everyone, After quite some time, a new version of the QuickUpdate module is now available, which brings a lot of new features. Some might seem important some might be less, but the usage experience was greatly improved. Updated first post with new info, the demo website will be updated with the new version very soon. Available for purchase here: https://prestashop.endpulse.com And on Prestashop Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com Best regards
  6. @hulk: We have a new version available (v5.2) compatible with the latest Facebook API. Please send us an email to support[at]endpulse.com with your order number so we can send you the latest update. Best regards
  7. @ZenGraph: This thread is not about the module you mentioned and has nothing to do with it. Best regards.
  8. Hi aligulbay, The module should work fine, without knowing the code of the mentioned module i cannot tell if there may be any actual incompatibilities. Still if you have issues or incompatibilities, we can help in fixing them. Best regards.
  9. Traduit de l'anglais: Salut, Le module fonctionne correctement tel que décrit, aucune arnaque que ce soit. Nous avons une section intitulée "Qui utilise" où vous pouvez trouver certains sites Web en utilisant le module. Il a été (et seront) mis à jour en permanence que tous nos modules pour cette question. Comme une note latérale: Il est regrettable que ce fil a été transformé en une "arnaque ou pas" de discussion, il aurait été mieux si elle était utilisée pour communiquer les aspects les plus importants des modules lui-même. C'est pourquoi il n'a pas été mis à jour aussi fréquemment que la version anglaise. Cordialement, Endpulse
  10. Hi everybody, A new version of Social Updater (former Twitter Updater) is now available. Updated first post with new info. Best regards, Endpulse
  11. @DenisDenis: We had a bunch of users using themes that did not launch the PS hooks which the module needs to run properly. Your theme might also be the case, but this can be fixed easily. Actually there are no changes in a theme that might prevent the module from working at all. If it does not work out of the box, we will implement some customizations to work with your theme, no problems here.
  12. @philee: Hi, yes the module works with Prestashop 1.4.4. The issues that get constantly highlighted with this module are related to special themes / heavy core modifications in the PS core coding which are beyond what a standard fully automated module can do and can only be solved by customization, which is offered via our support (if the issue is not already addressed in our support forum or the user manual). For general information, the module will get a new update soon with more features, improvements and bug fixes (pending bugs are related to some specific cases, and do not affect the general functionality of the current version)
  13. @mojpoj: Thank you for your appreciation. Unfortunately we had some maintenance work to do (which was not announced) that took longer than expected. If your support requests were not replied, please send us another email with your issue, including: website address, errors (if any). Best regards, Endpulse
  14. Sorry for this late reply, but the the notifications for this thread were disabled. I think you posted the same questions on Prestashop Addons, but i will reply to them here also: 1. The module can be essentially rendered anywhere, but it was specifically designed for the left / right columns + our distinct fixed position in the bottom of the browser. If you really need this functionality we can work to customize it (maybe add the option in a future release). 2. Not sure i correctly understand this one - change the check-boxes to drop-downs?? 3. Yes you can see the BO - updated the first post with address and login details.
  15. Live Filter PRO v3.0 is out in the wild. Updated the first post with the new information / features. Those who have a previous version of the module (v1.8) please contact us for your free update / upgrade
  16. Hi Nassim, I'm pretty sure the module will be released until September. Best regards, Endpulse
  17. @NassimBojji: Hi, yes there are plans to update the module for PS 1.4.3 as soon as possible and also adding / improving several features. Thank you for your interest! Best regards, Endpulse
  18. Hi Rhobur, There are 2 possibilities: 1. Same issue with curl not being enabled and causing an inaccurate calculation 2. Indeed there is no speed improvement, you may already have other optimizing options enabled.
  19. Hi pmfjoe, It enables compression on your website content. Technical persons can do these tweaks by coding, we created this module to offer less technical persons a quick and easy way of optimizing their shop. We also use it on our websites. Best regards, Endpulse
  20. Hi, You might not have CURL on your server or the url might not be well formatted. If you can see an improvement on the website, you may not even bother with the test. If you really want to see the calculated result send us an email with access to your website to support[at]endpulse.com so we can fix the issue. Best regards, Endpulse
  21. Hi CosTed, Some other notes to take into account: 1. The module might not have huge effects, but all tests we have done show at least a slight improvement on the performance 2. PS 1.1-1.3 are likely to have more improvement than PS 1.4 3. The perception on the website speed improvement was higher than the calculated speed improvement in the module speed test 4. If something does not work properly you can disable / uninstall the module and all should be back to normal.
  22. Hi everybody, We are offering a new free module called Presta Boost. The module improves your website performance 5% - 15% based on the specific configuration. FEATURES: Compatibility: Prestashop v1.1 - v1.4 Does not modify anything in your PS installation Very light Does not require any configuration DOWNLOAD (direct link on bottom of page): http://prestashop.endpulse.com/33-presta-boost-v10.html
  23. Hi Gamelane, As i mentioned in the email i have sent to you - the behavior is dependent on your "out of stock" setting, which by default in PS is set to 3 (which is bigger than 1 so the product is not considered back in stock). Best regards, Endpulse
  24. @fertel: If you reactivate the credentials or send other ones again, i will take a look at why this happens, because it should work properly. Best regards, Endpulse
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