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  1. https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/7392
  2. Can't hurt applying the PHP fix. At least you can rule it out if the issue remains
  3. I've never modified any file solely for the PHP-version. At least not if it is supposed to be working, which in your case it should since it's PHP 7.0 and PS You sure all the other settings for your store is up to date?
  4. Sure it's PHP7.0? PS will not run on 7.1 unless you manually apply the 7.1 fix
  5. Try modify logos.xml (root of PP-folder) <LocalPayPalHorizontalSolutionPP>/views/img/default_logos/default_horizontal.png</LocalPayPalHorizontalSolutionPP> <LocalPayPalVerticalSolutionPP>/views/img/default_logos/default_logo.gif</LocalPayPalVerticalSolutionPP> to <LocalPayPalHorizontalSolutionPP>/modules/paypal/views/img/default_logos/default_horizontal.png</LocalPayPalHorizontalSolutionPP> <LocalPayPalVerticalSolutionPP>/modules/paypal/views/img/default_logos/default_logo.gif</LocalPayPalVerticalSolutionPP>
  6. Yes. At least 7. If you want to run 7.1 you need to add this fix so you wont have the spinning icons in BO. https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/7392/files
  7. This will fix the issue: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/7392
  8. You can start with upgrading your php-version to 7+ if you're still on 5. (If your PS-version is up for the 7, that is)
  9. You probably need to alter the path to the image in the right *.tpl file in the paypal module folder. Located somewhere under view/front (or something). If you rightclick and check the path of the no-image file, you'll notice that the path is wrong
  10. .htaccess, maybe? At least I know I have been screwing up things every now and then with that file
  11. Have you tried taking a SEO-check on both addresses to see how they do? Just search for "SEO-checker" in Google and go through the first page or something.
  12. You're probably in the wrong css file. Look in your modules css folder. "Blockcustomcms" or something. (Use firebug to find the correct css)
  13. Glad it worked out for you. =) Be sure to set Force Compile to "OFF" and Caching to "ON" when you are done with your modifications
  14. Force compile "ON" and No Caching checked in Perfermance? (hit ctrl+f5 when refreshing front page)
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