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  1. I have the same error. Debug reports: modules/shipwire/lib/ShipwireInventoryUpdate.php on line 32 Remove "modules/shipwire" and it will display all the modules as usual.
  2. Customer reported that they saw the following order when trying to access a PDF version of an invoice. FPDF error: Alpha channel not supported: /home/thefurni/public_html/img//logo.jpg I can see two // before logo.jpg, which isn't good, but what causes this error and how do I fix it? Any ideas?
  3. Further to this, I'f I'm logged in, the prices show correctly, if I'm logged out they are wrong. That's because some fool decided to base taxes on delivery location. This will always force non logged in customers to see the WRONG price, until they are logged in. I have just spent weeks working on the site and looks like I now have to start over. What a joke!
  4. This is driving me insane, and I'm very close to dumping Prestashop as a result. I add a product at the pre-tax retail price, indicate the tax rate (10%) and then it displays the correct retail price including tax. I look at the site the next day, and all the prices have changed to exclude tax. Why is this happening???????????
  5. I have installed this module and the install was not an issue, no errors. I have test details from NAB, however although the module is activated, it does not appear as a payment option for customers when they order a product. I still have it in test mode at this stage, but I'm unable to test it as it doesn't appear as a cart payment option. Any ideas? P.S - for anyone having install issues, try adding the module to prestashop as a zip or tar file (latest version of PS) and it should install fine, provided you have edited it as lukes detailed: Change this line: $this->name = $this->page; to: $this->name = "nab_transact_hpp"; Kind Regards Tony
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