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  1. I had the same issue, but Fixed it. Probally u dont have allow_url_fopen off in ur php.ini. U can check this simply by going to ur admin start page, if there's a message that allow_url_fopen is not on, this update module doenst work. My advice, turn it back off after u update, for more security.
  2. No one that knows an answer to this? I would think that using Ajax on administrative tasks is quite usefull. Its speeds up many tasks, Doenst prestashop or any module developers use Ajax in backend?
  3. Token is a global which is generated by prestashop. Its a security messure. Token should should be added as a get variable on all links. Just add &token=$this->token to any links. AdminMassUpdate extends AdminTab which has a public var $token. In other classes (non extended AdminTab classes) u can fetch the token by: global $cookie; $token = Tools::getAdminToken($tab.(int)(Tab::getIdFromClassName($tab)).(int)($cookie->id_employee)); Havent got time to update it my self, working all my spare time on a new module.
  4. Im currently working on a backoffice module for Prestashop. Is there any buildin method to send and receive Ajax request i can use? Worked my way through some classes, but i havent found it yet. Anyone who can point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Its a community product so imo everyone is free to update. But its good to make difference between usersettings and module updates. Which fields u want to activate in massupdate, de column width etc. u can deside ur self (just uncomment the code). Imo bug fixes and new features should result in new versions, but feel free to update anyway.
  6. U can add all fiends which are in the product table, so this should do the trick: "id_product"=>array( "db_field"=>"id_product", "friendly"=>"Product ID", "isLang" => 0, "input_size" => 4, ), Add that code in _getConfig() around line 200 before "name" in AdminMassUpdate.php
  7. Sorry for the long wait, im currently working to build my own module for fast product management in prestashop. Much more ambitious then this module. More configurations and flexible, no more code changing, much more featues and cool import functions. Ill be looking for some alpha testers soon. Some minor bug fixes for massupdate (ver 1.4). Mostly security issues massupdate_v1.4.zip
  8. Can u post the error messages, so i can fix?
  9. I've updated the module to version 1.3 were i splitted the module and made an admin tab. Also made other changes like Added a tab under products. Added number and product image Removed bugs & notifictions Various other small changes I'm planning to make an "real" config screen where u can edit which fields to display, size etc. Also planning to make other changes like edit mass images upload, product delete etc. For modifiing the module which fields to show just simply uncomment or comment in file: AdminMassUpdate function: _getConfig function massupdate_v1.3.zip
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