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  1. I had the same issue, but Fixed it. Probally u dont have allow_url_fopen off in ur php.ini. U can check this simply by going to ur admin start page, if there's a message that allow_url_fopen is not on, this update module doenst work. My advice, turn it back off after u update, for more security.
  2. No one that knows an answer to this? I would think that using Ajax on administrative tasks is quite usefull. Its speeds up many tasks, Doenst prestashop or any module developers use Ajax in backend?
  3. Im currently working on a backoffice module for Prestashop. Is there any buildin method to send and receive Ajax request i can use? Worked my way through some classes, but i havent found it yet. Anyone who can point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated.
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