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  1. Brill that's just what my mouse and I were after. Regards Mike
  2. Hi all, I'm a newbie here, just getting up and running, discovering the wonders of PrestaShop I have a concept for a Jewelery website I am setting up. I want to know if anyone has seen similar or can give me a point in the right direction. Also I have the beta version of PS installed, but can roll back if required. I want to show lots of items on the front page, I don't need loads of menu boxes etc so will probably be heading in the direction of a two column site. I want to incorporate scrolling pictures, (a slide show like on iPods) The challenge is, I want a visitor to start with just one picture, each time they click on a thumbnail on the front page, a detailed picture is added to the slide show. I think this will really add dept to the site, visitors will find it really easy to compare items. Some of you may say, "been done before" or "that easy", in which case please please tell, I'm stuck. Any help, view or pointers very very greatly received. EDIT No body seems to have any ideas yet! maybe I'm after something which is just to complicated. In which case has anyone any suggestions how I can really make a feature of the 'last viewed items'. Something like an adaptation of 'compare products'. It must be stylish and fluid to use. Something which creates a group of photos relating to items viewers have recently viewed. I hope its clear what I'm asking for and I really one of you kind souls out there I an Idea. King Regards Mike Dedicated Newbie
  3. Hi, I'm a newbie here just finding my feet, I hope to set up 3 eStores and I'm playing around with PrestaShop. I love to easy to navigate back office and was impressed how quickly I could get started. However, I only want to sell within the UK, so..., I have removed all other currencies -- easy I have removed all zones apart from Europe -- easy I have removed all states -- easy No I do know how to disable the countries Shipping ---> Countries ----> Enable/Disable However there are 244 countries in the list. I only want 1. Do I have to tick 243 different countries (remember I want 3 eStores) Does that leave me with 729 boxes to click, I don't think my mouse and I can take it. -----Long-winded So question is, any pros know a quick way. Remember I'm a well meaning newbie, simple=good Thank you in advance Mike
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