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  1. Pessoal, Tantos anos de PrestaShop e apesar de no Brasil termos o monopólio dos Correios, não vejo um módulo nativo para interação com os Correios. 95% das pessoas usariam esse modulo... Existe algum módulo oficial para calculo de frete dos correios? Tentei instalar o FKCorreios mas ele nem instala... :/
  2. Olá, Estou tentando instalar o Módulo, mas quando chego no botao laranja que é apresentado quando clicamos para instalar o módulo (na tela de aviso de que não é um módulo confiável) ele simplesmente nao instala. Alguma sugestão?
  3. Hi, We used to have our old prestashop store (version 1.3.something) with the auto stock control disabled, but we could manually set the stock values, and we could also say that user cannot order if stock was 0, or order more than we have in stock. Example: For product A, I could say that we have 4 in stock. If user tryies to order 5, it would say that he cant order that amount. If user want to order 2, he could, and stock would not be touched, until I gone there manually, and set the stock to 2 (after selling to this user). Now, in the new version, I cannot disable the auto stock control and have my own control over the stock. If the user order 2 of the 4 we have in stock, system will automnatically get 2 itens out of the stock, even if the user never pay and/or cancel the order, and this makes our stock a mess. If I disable to stock control, it will not even allow us to set how many itens we do have in stock. How can I get the same control I had in the previos version on the new version of the prestashop wihout getting into the complicated solution that is the advanced stock control?? I would like to have the simple and reliable manual stock control we had before the upgrade. Regards, Josef
  4. Does anyone knows if this module works with 1.5.4? Regards, Josef
  5. Found a manual solution: Run that on your SQL: UPDATE `your_db_name`.`ps_configuration` SET `value` = '2097152' WHERE `ps_configuration`.`id_configuration` =33; This will change it to 2 Mb (raise or reduce as much as you want) You should be able to change it under "Preferences -> Images", but for some reason its not saving it on the DB when you select Save.
  6. Same issue here, cant find solution.... Anyone with luck?
  7. Hi, I would like to know if its possible to make the "Contact" link in the top redirect to another URL. We implemented a full support system and the idea would be redirect the user to that support page intead of sending an email from the support page. Regards, Josef
  8. I dont know if this is good or bad news Anyway thanks for the answer. I just contacted the module developer and I'm waiting for the answer. I will let you guys know as soon as I receive the reply. Regards, Josef
  9. Just confirming, I made on a SSL enabled store and the error persists. Courious is that the Item name seems encrypted in the post data, but the value is clear text and can be modifyed... This is a serious bug... Regards, Josef
  10. Hi, I'm using 1.1.5. I just made the test and man, this works... You place all your order and just before click on the last button (that will send you to the payment gateway), just open Fire Bug, change the hidden values that are passed to the payment gateway, and voila, the value is reduced to the ammount you want I'm testing now in my other store wich has SSL, to see if the can be prevented. Do a test in your store, and see if this works for you also. Regards, Josef
  11. Hi Team, I've noticed that we have some costummers taking advantage of the Fire Bug plug-in to modify the values sent to payment gateway after the cart has been finalized and before click on finish in order to change the value to a value far lower than the cart. This is very annoying because for instance, there is no check back to the value after the payment is made, so if the user made a R$ 19,90 purchase, change it to R$ 0,02, and click on finish. The payment gateway (PagSeguro for instance) receive the R$ 0,02 order wich it consider normal, and process it, returning to Prestashop that the order number xxxx was paid, and prestashop automaticaly set it as paid, since there is no check on the values processed. Result: We se an order of R$ 19,90 as paid, ut in fact, we received R$ 0,02 for it. I understand that Fire Bug is a great tool to developers, but since its being used by some user to fraud prstashop, I would like to know if there is some way to make a setting inside prestahop BAckend where we can avoid user with Fire Bug enabled to place orders. Regards, Josef
  12. Hi! I'm facing an issue and I would like to know if you guys can help me configure Prestashop the way it should be The situation is that I want to sell both virtual and physical goods in my store, and I'm facing issues with the carrier. The idea is that when the user selects virtual goods, since there is no weight in the products, the user have only "Send by e-mail for free" as the carrier available to select when finishing the buying, but when the user adds an item wich had a wight (a physical item) then the only carrier available would be "Sedex", wich I aalready setuped in the system, with all the prices for each weight. The weight calculation is working fine, it gets the user location, and is showing the right price for Sedex, but I dont want to let the users to select the wrong options for his order. Like, imagine if the user selects an X-Box 360 game and ask me to send by e-mail because he sees its a "free delivery"? Can someone help me figure out how to make Prestashop understand this situation? Regards, Josef
  13. Hi, Even building 2 pages, how would you prevent the indian users to find and access the USD version site? Blocking by the country IP Range? This is also possible to avoid when using proxies... Sorry to ask this, but why he is needing that?
  14. Hi, I would like to know if its possible to make the cart block do not show the shippment and handling value while the user is adding itens to the cart, and show the total value only when he is actualy finishing the buyng and selecting the shipment method. Is that possible? I'm asking this because I noticed that the system show the smallest value for the default carrier while the not logged user is adding itens to the cart. The problem is that many time, the user is not from the cheapest location, and he will be adding itens and basing the purchanse on that shippment shoed in the cart block, but when he actually goes to finish the order, the price of the shippment and handling are higer than what he saw in the beguining. Can someone help me on this? Regards, Josef Prado
  15. Hi, This is normal. Google do some kind of phased crawling in the websites. It gets some pages from for site then go to the next one in the list. After some time your website [email protected] indexed again and more pages appears there. It's just a mater id time for you curls be fully indexed. Regards, Josef
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