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  1. Star, Your way works better for me. My category menu is used in some pages that are under http and some are under https. When I changed all category menu links to {$base_dir}, I got security errors on the https pages. But if I changed all links to {$base_dir_ssl}, when I want to go to http page from https pages, it will make my http page to https page, therefore it gives me security errors. I just used your way. It works. Thanks.
  2. Ok, go to this link. http://www.nethercottconstructions.com/lang-zh/content/3-terms-and-conditions-of-use http://www.nethercottconstructions.com/content/1-performance-tips http://www.nethercottconstructions.com/content/2-privacy-policy Look over the translation in Simplify Chinese and send the correction to Rocky. I will translate the rest of the site for Rocky.
  3. No. They are different. Use the Taiwan flag for Traditional Chinese. And China for the simplified Chinese. I will do the simplified Chinese for you. But I can not do the legal notice as I don't know what they are talking about both in English or Chinese. :-S
  4. Can somebody please tell me? I googled it, and I am still confused.
  5. I saw a lot of people asking how to include a flash header. I know very little about programming. Somebody told me if the customers doesn't have Flash installed, they will not be able to see the Flash at all. My question is then why people want to have Flash header? What is the benefit? Can we use JS to do the header instead? Thank you for the answer.
  6. Do I have to uninstall the old core module and reinstall the new one? Will it ease my blog database? I already have posts therefore I don't want to start it again. As usually, your modules are great. Thank you for sharing. Your font color are too gray in the post. It is very hard to read.
  7. Yes, yes, it is me again. :red: I just PM you. Thanks.
  8. 由1.25版本升级到1.3.0.2之后, 在featured products, viewed products, and new products几个模块里,图片目录及页面都是空白. Help.
  9. Our site got hacked during the weekend and I spent over 4 days to clean up the mess. The hacker inserted links to our site. So every time the customers click on our url will bring them to another sites. And the links are different for every click. I really don't know how the hacker did it. The admin password is only known by my boss and me. What have I done wrong? How can I prevent it? I ended up re-installed the prestashop and the DB. Is this the right way to do it? Any advice please. :-S
  10. Sorry, it may be a stupid question. I know .tpl is for the look. .css is for the format, .js is for the function, root.php is for the action. What is class.php for? What does class.php do for the shop? How come sometimes we change the codes in the root.php file and sometime change it in the class.php? Sometimes I see some modules use class, and some of them no need to. Can somebody please tell me? Thanks. :red:
  11. It works perfectly this time. Thank you very much for all of the great help.
  12. oops, now it only show products in category 13, 14, and 15.... Thank you for helping me.
  13. I got this error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') LIMIT 1' at line 3 SELECT COUNT(`id_product`) AS nb FROM `ps_product` p WHERE `active` = 1 AND `id_category_default` != 13 AND `id_category_default` != 14 AND `id_category_default` != 15)
  14. After I replaced with your snippet, I only got one page--10 products vs 253 products (after deducted the category 13, 14, and 15.)in reality...... When I was using your "old" snippet before, I got 13 pages... (after deducted the category 13, 14, and 15)...
  15. Hi Rocky, This one works perfectly. Is there a way I can show all of the product except category 13, 14 and 15?
  16. I used the following and it works f ($_GET['id_category'] == 13 OR $_GET['id_category'] == 14 OR $page_name == 'gshipping' $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'header-gproduct.tpl'); else Thanks
  17. Sorry, it doesn't work. My gshipping.php is in the root. It is not a cms page, it is a page that I made. After I used the codes your provided, it is still capture the default header. :red:
  18. I want to use two headers. I use the following codes in the header.php just before the smart assign: if ($_GET['id_category'] == 13 OR $_GET['id_category'] == 14 $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'header-gproduct.tpl'); else It works perfectly. How can I add if it is gshipping.php it will use the header.gproduct.tpl? I used f ($_GET['id_category'] == 13 OR $_GET['id_category'] == 14 OR $page_name == 'gshipping.php' $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'header-gproduct.tpl'); else It doesn't work. Can someone check my codes see if there is a problem? Thank you very much.
  19. Sorry, I just realized as soon as I put these codes that you provided in the header.php, if ($_GET['id_category']) $category = $_GET['id_category']; else if ($_GET['id_product']) { $product = new Product($_GET['id_product']); $category = $product->id_category_default; } $smarty->assign('category', $category); Before the following line $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'header.tpl'); The images show up perfectly in the category pages as well as the product pages. But in my product page, and it gave me this warning before the breadcrumb : Warning: htmlentities() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/content/xxx/html/domin/classes/Tools.php on line 581 I did a new install with noting change yet and I got the error. How do I fix it?
  20. <?php include(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/header.php'); $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'gbag.tpl'); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/footer.php'); ?> I used the above codes to make the pages. Am I doing it right? Do I add the codes that you just gave me plus the codes that you gave me a few thread ago? Or they are seperate? If they are, how can I make these 3 pages to have these commend instead of global commend since I am using golbal header for every page?
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