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  1. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Thank you SO much! EDIT: This fixed another error with shipping, but did sadly not fix the token error
  2. Hello, I'm having roughly the same error as http://www.prestasho...fy/page__st__20 The page is coolgamers.dk Please try creating a user and adding something to the cart. Go to checkout and proceed to the adress page. You will experience an Invalid Token error. I'm running Prestashop Thanks in advance
  3. I bow to you sir! I will check it out and get back!
  4. Hello! Could it be possible to implement this structure? User forgot their password and hits the "Forgot Password Button" User types in their e-mail and hits "Ok" User receives and e-mail containing a link This link does NOT send a new password to the user, but merely leads to a page, where the user can type in a new password, instead of having to login with the new password and then changing it. So.. to wrap up. Is it possible to send an email which contains a link that makes the user able to type a new password, instead of an email which contains a new password Hope you understood! Thanks!
  5. Hello, sadly he is insisting. Would you please tell me how to crypt the string two ways?
  6. Yes ofc Thanks again! This product: http://commonheritage.dk/en/allclothing/15-common-heritage-valley-tee.html Screenshot:
  7. Yes for one test product it is Would it be easier with direct access to the BO? Thanks for your kind help!
  8. Hello thanks for your answer But it didn't work. I tried reverting to the standard Prestashop theme, which did not solve the problem. Do you have any ideas about how to solve this problem?
  9. Oh sorry DId you split them or should I create another thread?
  10. Hello, I'm developing a webpage for a customer. He wants the password retrieval mail to send the current password to the registered mail if the user hits the button "Forgot password". I tried adding the keyword {passwd} to the mailtemplate, but that didn't work. Do you guys have any idea how to solve that? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Mike, Thanks for the quick answer! I've followed that exact guideline. Do you mean anything in particular? Could it be to the lack of tags on my products (I can easily find the product when searching for the correct name)? Thanks in advance. I'm running the free theme Matrice for 1.4 and using the standard quick search module.
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