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  1. great to hear this mod. But i am using phpbb as core system. And those who using facebook user who have discussion on my board, my current phpbb will one click create a new member, and sync with their facebook. which mean my site can contain of member - phpbb member - facebook member But i wonder whether your presta mod allow to 100% work perfectly with my current system? which mean presta member is totally transparent for them What phpbb admin concern is only allow their member to buy/sell with their forum hope to hear from you soon
  2. Greeting all, i have try almost all possible way to bring up the IMAGE MAP feature to homepage. Realized that it's useful to bring visitor to certain landing page by click on the image map (currently only available in product category page) question: is there a way to disable the content of "Homepage editor" and replace with Image Map (like product category) to homepage? Thanks for your guide!
  3. ..... speechless.... i have found the way.... BO > Shipping > section "Fees by carrier, geographical zone, and ranges" Zone "Asia" can't be $0...
  4. This i have found a bug!!! i realized that when my customer account checkout, it's using the "My Carrier" carrier service. Then i try to update "My Carrier" few times by uncheck the Zone setting, then re-enable it back Now, those country which are previously enabled to checkout, now having the same error "There is no carrier available that will deliver to this address! " So, i suspect is the DB "increment" of ID while every update of the details cause this serious issue
  5. hi, thanks for the reply. here my feedback States enable in country level, in Backoffice, Singapore States is disabled For customer to edit address, the States field is hidden (mayb bcoz i have disabled in Backoffice as i mentioned earlier) I am not sure how hard to tie Zone to country, i have define it and most probably correct, you can check my attachment once u got MS office Anyway, thank for the help ... problem still doens't resolve, (i m using the latest, fresh install PShop)
  6. Still cant i have attach my setup in a doc file. Seems like if i change my country to other, it works! but when i switch back to Singapore, it doenst My Setup.doc
  7. i m actually doing testing in my localhost, does it matter? i m currently in singapore by the "customer" account, it's having address of blar blar... with the country Singapore So, i assume the customer country Singapore will map with Singapore BO > Shipping > Country > Singapore > Edit > Zone=Asia then BO > Shipping > Carrier > "My testing Carrier" > Edit > Zone select Asia > Save so, is there any missing step?
  8. hi, I have search through solution to get ride of the stupid warning "There is no carrier available that will deliver to this address" while i try to checkout the item in the back office, i have Zone : Asia Country : Singapore Carrier: ABC (inside the detail, i have checked Asia Zone checkbox) Default carier: ABC So, what else i miss out? by right it should allow me to check out without error above rite? can any [spam-filter] guide me? Thanks
  9. First of all, i thanks to the dev team and i couldn't believe that it's TOTALLY FREE!!! and here are my 2 cents bout the this product Overall, it's really a commercial standard product!! Thanks!
  10. Greeting Gurus, i am currently in Singapore and have played around Presta on my local. realized that there is no NETS payment support, can i know how much effort we need to have a customized payment module? Thanks for the guidance
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