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  1. Hi, I'm testing PS 1.5 RC1. I've made upgrade from, moved images to new system, regenerated thumbnails - so far so good, images are in good directories and all thumbnails are created in img/p directory, every thing looks good without pretty urls. When I turn on pretty urls, images are not showing up, and links don't work. From what I see .htaccess file has got filled only a few lines AND I found that in DB/configuration there are doubled entries, like PS_USE_LEGACY,.. etc. and most of PS_ROUTES_* have null values. Any ideas how to fix it? Maybe its some kind of upgrade failure ? for now I got links for images like /156-<thumbnail_name>/<product_name>-.jpg normal links seems to look good but, they don't work -> almost clean .htaccess file
  2. Is there any up to date technical docs on add-on's API ?
  3. Welcome everyone! I were asking myself recently, why just not use any GIT repository for hosting and managing versions of my PS projects just like I do with RoR projects. To have different environments like developing, staging, and production/live. I found this way to be much easier and friendlier for me as a developer. My Idea is to find a way to make PrestaShop deployment more automatic with tool like Capistrano. This would be involving a HowTo or maybe even a capistrano gem, which would add sufficient tasks/generators. But I want to discuss it with PS community, if someone isn't already using it, and would give some hints. For now I will probably move catalogues like /download /upload /images/c(cms|tmp|etc) and others which are involving user interaction to /shared where are stored files independently from code base. Also files like config/config.inc.php for holding information specific for each environment. Also how you would see installation process? Remove install folder from repo after installing it on each environment? Any other improvements, tips or suggestions ? Best @zalesz Here are some additional links: https://github.com/c...rano/capistrano https://help.github....with-capistrano http://devblog.imedo...rano-2-and-git/
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