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  1. have the default watermark module that came with the fresh Prestashop installation. I have only updated it to the latest version. I recently change my watermark image (.gif) and i wanted to apply it to all of my products (around 4000). I've uploaded the new .gif image and started regenerating all images. Everything worked fine and after some time outs i managed to regenerate all images. The problem was that all the new images were without the new watermark .gif and without the old one. I've searched for some answers but nothing worked. Now i have all my images without any watermark. The only way that i can get the watermark to work is to reupload images one by one, because all my new products with new images have the watermark in it. Can anyone help me? My images are unprotected and my competition is starting to get some images from me.
  2. Just to update that i continue with my research but unfortunately nothing works. Since i installed prestashop 5 years ago it made me a full time coder, now i am searching for freelancing jobs .. without the jokes i really can not recommend PS to any of my friends or clients..
  3. Hi, i have used this http://web.archive.org/ for same issue i had. I hope there is a mirror for you, otherwise this text should be somewhere on the SQL DB but i do not know where
  4. Hi, i do not have experience running prestashop on local server but tried this on online server and it did not work, i then contacted my service provider and they changed them somehow. The point of my post is to look at phpinfo.php and make sure the change is visible there.
  5. Hello all, i just found very strange issue on my Prestashop 1.6.06 installation - when i try to change the product`s attribute on Chrome/default Internet browser via my mobile phone - nothing is changed and the default attribute is still selected. For example i want to change color from white to black - on PC it is working fine, but on mobile it is not Please if someone have stumbled upon such issue to help me, i tried to find solution for 3 days but nothing.. You can see example URL here: http://avtomateriali.com/sprei/204-akrilen-sprej.html .
  6. Thanks a lot for your solutions man!! It helped me remove my issues when cart is empty - have been looking for this solution for 3 years! Thanks again i am very grateful!
  7. After spending a hour i found the solution - change line 1791 in file /matrice/css/global.css : #center_column .products_block {color: #595a5e; width:670px; margin: 0 auto; margin-bottom:2em; margin-top:2em; float: right} *It does not help fpr internet explorer Edit: It works for IE with changing line 371 to this: #left_column, #right_column {float:right;}
  8. Hi all I am using this matrice theme for a year now and i have fixed almost everything on it. Or at least i thought so.. I have managed to fix the left category menu not to to the foooter and it worked under firefox, was not working on IE, but today my Firefox has updated and it also shows me this #$% error. Please if anyone knows how to fix it - give me a solution, since i really like this theme and it took me araound a month to make it working for my site. You can see the problem here - www.hamacite.com . I have to say that i was searching all morning for a working solution but obviously i did not find any.
  9. Hi, i have some problems with Matrice theme, if anyone please can help. I have searched for solution but could not find 1) My Home category consists of 4 subcategories but one is not on the right position as you can see on the picture. 2) i want to remove category image which displays when i click on one of the categories and also to move the menu which is on the right to go under the header menu.
  10. Hi all, i have found the css code but i do not know to what to change it. Please help
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