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  1. Is there any way of adding additional mandatory custom fields directly to the customer's account record instead of by product? Thanks ... Regards, Doug
  2. Hi Mike ... A follow up ... Is there any way of adding additional mandatory custom fields directly to the customer's account record instead of by product? Thanks ... Regards, Doug
  3. Ok .. thanks ... I'm confused though .... Under shipping modules, the "Collisimo" service isn't even enabled (turned ON), so why is it appearing at all? Regards, Doug
  4. Under the option "Enable JqZoom instead of Thickbox on product page", is there a way to make the displayed zoomed box size that you can move around within, bigger than the default? ... and is there a way to control where that zoomed box appears on the screen? Thanks ... Regards, Doug
  5. Thank you Sergei ... I will do that as I start more testing, but I'm only in development stage at this point .... Can I assume you permit "guests" to order without having to register? On our type of site and due to the nature of the product, we can't permit that, so people will have to register and I guess that would mean we wouldn't have a problem because we'll know where the user is from? Regards, Doug
  6. That's interesting... thanks ... So, as long as you do configurations with the CacheFS OFF, everything else works fine with it ON? Regards, Doug
  7. Excellent ... that should work well, especially if it makes the buyer fill in compulsory "customization" fields before he can add it to his cart. Appreciate the help ... Still a lot to learn ... Regards, Doug
  8. It sure does help Mike .... thank you ... I don't really need to verify the number by looking it up in real time, but rather I need it on file for auditing purposes if ever checked by the government. The onus isn't on me to validate it. So, if I add customization fields in the product listing, then the buyer has to fill in that data as part of a buying process? Thanks .. Regards, Doug
  9. I've been trying test transactions and for some reason, the order element of our shop, the payment method to be able to "Pay by Check" is missing (see pic). It's enabled in the Admin module, but isn't showing up as an option for the buyer to select? Anyone help me as to why? Thanks ... Regards,, Doug
  10. I've been trying test transactions and for some reason, the order element of our shop picks up a carrier called "Collisimo" (see pic). I have no idea where this is coming from and I can't figure out why it would pick up a carrier in France to ship to a customer in Canada, from our store which is also in Canada. How do I get it to display for the customer our store as a default, which I have set as a default in the Admin module? What am I missing? Regards, Doug
  11. Our type of product that would be sold in our store, when it comes on-line, requires the buyer to enter a "license number" and "date of expiry" ... Is there any place I can create additional fields for the customer record, so that information can be added as a "mandatory" requirement to register, or perhaps be prompted for during the buying process? Thanks for any feedback ... Regards, Doug
  12. I'm using and it's a brand new install, but I'm also running vBulletin software v4.1.3 on the same dedicated server, which supports MemCache, although when the CacheFS was turned ON under PrestaShop, it was set to "file system", so I don't think that should affect it? Anyway, I'm onto other challenges, now trying to figure out why when I do a test transaction, the "cart" shows some weird shipping company to use and not Canada Post ... Regards, Doug
  13. Thanks Fabien ... I turned OFF the CacheFS system altogether and that fixed the problem. I also note that it also fixed ALL of the other module "configure" issues as well. Thanks for your help ... I'm still working my way through trying to understand the best way to configure our store, hopefully bringing it on-line in the new year. I need to find a good template theme that best mates with our primary vBulletin based military antique collector's site, so that's my next adventure with PrestaShop. Regards, Doug
  14. Thanks Sabrina .... There's something wrong with module management in general. Clicking on configure doesn't work for many modules unless you RESET them to the default status first. In the Canada Post module, one can't even get into configuration option and it (as do many) shows a successful "un-install" (green box), even though the module is installed and active (see check mark) and also the text indicating the only option is to uninstall it. Regards, Doug ----
  15. Thanks Carl.... I think I fixed it with a reload .... I can see the Canada Tax rates now on subsequent pages .... By the way, is there a bug in modules? On a LOT of modules, I choose configure and edit changes, updating it. However, if I go back and want to configure them some more, I click configure and the screen flashes, but it just returns to the module view. I have to RESET the module, then re-enter everything all over again just to get into it? The Canada Post add-on module installed won't let me configure it at all, even using the reset button. Am I missing something? Regards, Doug
  16. Thank you for the quick response Carl ... terrific support .... it's appreciated... I have selected our on-line store as being in Canada, but when I look at the "taxes" tab, I see nothing but tax rates by individual state in the U.S.? I think I'm missing something simple ... Regards, Doug
  17. Just installed PrestaShop to create a shop for use by us on our Canadian collectors web site... I'm just going through the configuration process and trying to set it up to handle the unique needs we might have using the shop from Canada. ie: Taxes, shipping, currency etc... I wanted to see if there was perhaps another Canadian store owner who had been down this road and who could give me some quick tips on what I need to do for Canadian usage. Specifically, do I need to "buy" and extra add-on modules to handle Canadian taxes, shipping and payments, plus what service can I use (sign up for) in Canada to handle Credit Card payments such as Visa and Mastercard? I assume the built-in PayPal module will work in Canada, as we already have a PayPal Premier account that we've been using for years? Thank you for any feedback... much appreciated ... BTW, we're in the Toronto area if a phone call would be better ... Regards, Doug
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