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  1. We tested and canceld out of the beta .... Too many issues and couldn't access the store using it.... Returned our site to it's previous state without their beta PageSpeed service and it's been running fine ever since... Regards, Doug
  2. Hello Chris ... Thank you very much for your response ... I think I found a conflict with using Google's PageSpeed Service and the admin function of Prestashop. I'll use x's for privacy ... My store works fine at http://www.xxxx.com/index.php If I click on the admin access at http://www.xxxx.com/...irect=index.php, which used to work fine, I get the inability to login as shown in my first post. However, if I substitute the www.xxxx.com with the IP address of my site ie: I'm able to login just fine to the admin area and use all the functions, but I get a message at the top that says.. You are currently connected with the following domain name: This domain is different from the main shop domain name set in "Preferences > SEO & URLs": So, I check the preferences and of course, it shows my domain as www.xxxx.com, which is correct, but Google PageSpeed Service caching doesn't like it for some reason. For now, I've been using it with the IP address direct and making my Admin changes... I asked Google support about it, but they sent me a bunch of "technobabble" that I don't understand.. Any idea what I should be fixing on my dedicated host server to solve their problem? I guess I could just cancel their service telling them it's incompatible with Prestashop and move on, but I do think it sppeeds up the site. Appreciate your feedback .. Regards, Doug
  3. Hello.. Ok, I have a bit of a crisis .. My Prestashop store has been running fine for the lasy year.... I have been able to access the Store Admin without any problems. I tried to access admin today using my standard admin email address and password, but all that would happen was the screen would "flash" and return to the login prompts. So, I thought maybe I had forgot my password or something like that. I had the admin screen send me a new password and I received the email with it. I then typed in the email address and new password, but it still just flashed the screen once and returned to the login screen, with no errors or explanation shpwing. The ONLY thing I've done since the last time I used the store admin screen, was to activate the use of Google's new PageSpeed service. Could that be a problem, even though I've told the PageSpeed to service NOT to cache any of my pages? I need to access my admin area and really need some help. Suggestions would be appreciated... Regards, Doug
  4. Thank you .. I actually found a homefeatured.tpl for the style I'm using on a separate download file that was originally sent to me for it. I replaced the one being used with it and it seemed to fix my problem. I'd still be floundering around seeking answers if it wasn't for your guidance pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated ... Regards, Doug
  5. Do you mean the file called homefeatured.tpl? If so, where can I find the original one you mention? Thanks for the response... Regards, Doug
  6. Hello all... We're running along with Featured Products on the homepage v0.9 by PrestaShop It's set for 3 products per page. If add more than 1 item to the "home" category, then for some reason, it centers the first one in the middle of a lot of white space and puts the second (and third) items on the next line, compressing our introduction text to one side, which trys to wrap around it. (see pic) It doesn't matter whether I re-locate the module to the bottom of the page, as it does the same thing there as well. Can anyone help me out? Thanks ... Regards, Doug
  7. Yes, I will Sir ... Thank you again for your efforts .... Regards, Doug
  8. Hmmm ... I'm just an end user who knows enough to be dangerous .... I'm happy with 1.1.4 and it works fine displaying a single video in the tab, so I think we'll not tempt fate and update, unless for some reason in the future we need to add more then one video. Thank you for your work and support ... it is excellent .... Regards, Doug
  9. I don't use cache ... The remaining steps are exactly what I followed ... Thanks .. Regards, Doug
  10. What I meant was ... I uninstalled 1.1.4 and installed 1.2.1 ... I continually got the error shown in my first post. I then uninstalled 1.2.1 and re-installed 1.1.4 and everything works fine again, except I only have the one video ability. Apparently, 1.2.1 doesn't want to work with my Prestahop... Sorry for the confusion .... Regards, Doug
  11. Follow up .... Un-installed latest version and re-installed previous version ... Everything works fine again ... Regards, Doug
  12. I unzipped the new update and copied the folder to modules, over writing the previous version. All the videos that were attached to product ID's from the old version disappeared? So, I selected a product ID and tried to add a video back to it and get this error message... Failed to save product video. Maybe non-existent or duplicate product id? So, what's happening? Thanks for any feedback... Regards, Doug
  13. Is there a way of preventing guests from sending contact emails? We'd only like to receive contact emails from registered members. Thanks .. Regards, Doug
  14. Anyone know why I can't get the "Tracking Visitors" element of statistics working? It always says "Calendar Disabled" even though I have set and save it, plus when I click on any button ie: "Connected", I get a "Tab not Found" error? (see pics) Thanks for any help ... Regards, Doug
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