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  1. Hello I am just trying to do this from very long time but unfortunately no use. In new prestashop 1.6, when we click on add to cart button, there we get a pop up saying to continue shopping or checkout buttons. Under that i want to show list of 10 or 12 addon products i.e.(Accessories) with a name, Price & check mark. If customer select the tick mark then it will be automatically added to cart and then checkout. How is this possible.. Please help us if someone can. Regards Vivek
  2. Marvelous Changed Just for other to make it easy i am giving further details Line no 28 - Change assign var='nbItemsPerLine' value=3 to assign var='nbItemsPerLine' value=4 Line no 49 - change this {if $page_name == 'index' || $page_name == 'product'} col-xs-12 col-sm-4 col-md-4{else} to {if $page_name == 'index' || $page_name == 'product'} col-xs-12 col-sm-4 col-md-3{else} Just Changed "col-md-4" to "col-md-3" Thanks a lot. Regards Vivek
  3. Hello, Can someone help me how to show 4 products per row in products list page (category page) but it should not show affect on while seeing website in mobile i mean to say bootstrap. I tried to do it by changing number in product_list.php and added custom css it has changed But the problem is when i tried to chek in mobile images are very small and not fit in the screen. Thanks for your coperation. Regards Vivek
  4. I tried to install smart blog it was successful. But When i tried to add new Blog > Blog Post there is an error come "Bad SQL query Unknown column 'a.smart_blog_post' in 'group statement'" There i was stopped, can you please help me. Also i should appreciate you Excellent module..I think this time you will get Module of the year award. Regards Vivek Sakhilati
  5. Hello Vekia, i am attaching the file again please check it, Also i have solved it by again creating new shop and enabling multistore feature i got all the names again but this is a bug ..please solve it. Also thanks for the info regarding Live Configurator
  6. Excellent that worked Thanks a lot...I am pulling my hair from many days...Easy solution Thank you lozal2244
  7. Nothing are shown in categories or we can say whole catalog>product,categories. etcc are not shown anything except ---- But if we try to edit there we can find all details.. Please help us
  8. Firstly i am testing our website on local testing and found following errors. Please help us with the solution. 1. I create new Shop group + New Shop + new url and changed it to default url. a) i created set of 250 products and associated to new shop. Then i deleted old Default shop group c) then i found in catalog >products that there are nor names or default category names visible in the list. Please help me what i have to do to get them back. 2. Also Base price and Final price are showing same which is not correct 3. After that i tried to add new shop group + shop + url. Then i tried to select the shop from drop down it is just redirecting to same :Allshops" but it should show selected shop. 4. When i click on top right side "My Shop" it should take me to http://www.example.com but now it is taking me http://www.example.com/?live_configurator_token=996088bc1c3a764539765423db64a0e&id_employee=1&id_shop=2&theme=theme6. I dont want that. Please help us how should i move forward. Also ill come up with few more errors if i found any. Really multstore is sucking.. PLEASE FIND THE ATTACHMENT Regards Vivek
  9. Hello, One of my client wats to insert jquery ui tabs in category (product list) page. He has few categories, once he click on the category A he should see this Jqery ui tabs in center column. the content changes for every categories. Hos is it possible.i was able to insert in Home page, but didnt know how to do it in Category page. Please help. Regards Vivek Sakhilati
  10. forge solution: Open - Classes/Tools.php Change line number 1408 From: "return @copy($source, $destination, $stream_context);" to: "return @copy($source, $destination);" It should work, it is a small bug in prestashop 1.5.5 Regards Vivek Sakhilati
  11. Hi Rocky, This works like charm... But i have a problem, i have more than 350 categories this code " {if $smarty.get.id_category == 2 OR $smarty.get.id_category == 3 OR $smarty.get.id_category == 4} " is not workign for many categories more than 25. What exactly i need is i want to show category blocks for categories between Id no's 135 and 235. How to acheive it ?
  12. Even We are facing same Problem, Please let us know if you have any solution.
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