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  1. Hi, In my PS 1.5.2 I see that each time I create a credit slip to a customer order, the date of the credit slip is the same date as the invoice, and not the date where I created the credit slip. I would like the date of the credit slip to be the creation date. Anyone knows how I can achieve that? I use the same header.tpl for invoice and order slip and the date come from the variable "$date".
  2. When I handle orders I sometimes forget to scroll down to the bottom of the order page to see of there are any messages from customers. I would very much like to move the "Messages" up above the "Customer information" as illustrated at the screenshot (q1.jpg). I believe it should be pretty easy (moving some lines of code upwards). I just cannot find the right file to edit. Any help much appreciated! It is really troublesome to remember to always scroll to the bottom to see if there are any messages. I use ps
  3. It just crossed my mind that one thing that one could probably search for is the subject of the mail (in english). It is often (if not always) given as argument to mail sending routine.
  4. This module seems to be exactly what I need - installed it and it also says that it is installed. However, I don't see any different behavior. PS = I've made small changes to the PDF class my self (mostly margins adjustment). Could it be the case, that the patch does not work due to these (minor) changes? Any help is really appreciated!
  5. In PS 1.5, I would like to add the carrier information to the invoices that are sent to customers. I can see the carrier information in the order_conf email. How do I add that information to invoice? Any help is much appreciated!
  6. Thank you very much. You lead me in the exact right direction. I decided to make the fix, as a small hack, in order to save time and i order to make sure I did not screw up anything. Anyone with a deeper knowledge of PS is welcome to improve this solution. My problem: In PS1.5 in_transit mail is sent each time tracking number is set. Also shipping mail does not contain information of the tracking number. I wanted in_transit mail to be sent only if the order was already sent. Also I wanted shipping mail to contain information about the tracking number, but only if the tracking number is available. I don't want an unsubstituted {followup} variable to show in the shipping mail, in case tracking is not set. Here is what I did with the help from yewster: AdminOrdersController.php line ~306 $current_order_state = $order->getCurrentOrderState(); if ($current_order_state->shipped == 1) { if (@Mail::Send((int)$order->id_lang, 'in_transit', Mail::l('Package in transit', (int)$order->id_lang), $templateVars, $customer->email, $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname, null, null, null, null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, true, (int)$order->id_shop)) { Hook::exec('actionAdminOrdersTrackingNumberUpdate', array('order' => $order)); Tools::redirectAdmin(self::$currentIndex.'&id_order='.$order->id.'&vieworder&conf=4&token='.$this->token); } else $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('An error occurred while sending e-mail to the customer.'); } else { Hook::exec('actionAdminOrdersTrackingNumberUpdate', array('order' => $order)); Tools::redirectAdmin(self::$currentIndex.'&id_order='.$order->id.'&vieworder&conf=4&token='.$this->token); } } else $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('Order carrier can\'t be updated'); } In Mail.php line ~214: $template_html = file_get_contents($template_path.$template.'.html'); $template_txt = strip_tags(html_entity_decode(file_get_contents($template_path.$template.'.txt'), null, 'utf-8')); if ($template_raw_name == 'shipped' && $template_vars['{followup}'] == null) { $html_string_to_remove="<br><br>Track & Trace:<br><a href="\"{followup}\"">{followup}</a>"; $txt_line_to_remove_1="Track & Trace:"; $txt_line_to_remove_2="{followup}"; $template_html = str_replace($html_string_to_remove, "", $template_html); $template_txt = str_replace($txt_line_to_remove_1, "", $template_txt); $template_txt = str_replace($txt_line_to_remove_2, "", $template_txt); } I set the $template_raw_name before adding iso-code: line ~191: $template_raw_name = $template; $template = $iso.'/'.$template; And then adjusted email templates accordingly. No doubt that making such "search-replace" in the Mail.php is a hack. If anyone knows a good way of setting up to shipping templates (i.e. "shipping" and "shipping_no_tracking") please shed some light. Thanks again yewster!
  7. Normally when I need to adjust things about sending email, I can search for occurences of the email file name in PS. For instance, I demanded that no email was sent when specifiyng the tracking number to the shipment. I just search for occurences of "in_transit" and found the place immediately. Now I want to change the behavior of the 'shipping' mail (I will set up to emails: one containing the {followup} variable and one without). But I cannot find the place in PS where the email is send. Can anyone help?
  8. Thanks for this fix. It solves the issue indeed. Strangely, though, I can see, that the subject is still encoded but it seem to be decoded correctly by my mail client (thunderbird and roundcube). Hmm. According to this link http://www.hcidata.info/base64.htm base64 encoding is done the solve problems with non-ASCII characters. So this seemsto be the reason why the encoding takes place in the first place. So the question probably is, why thunderbird/roundbuce and the mail client used by sickz do not decoded the to-address correctly, while they apparently decode the subject correctly?
  9. No, because if I did I would have shared it with you immediately
  10. PrestaShop I'm having the exact same problem. Sometimes, though, the name is correct, but I can't find any 'pattern', i.e. it is not so that order confirmation emails always have correct name. Would appreciate some solution to this! Thanks in advance.
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