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  1. Hi Nemo1 and thx for the reply. My problem is I know a little of prestashop to modify current modules and put custom fields in registration etc. But I don't understand smarty that good. My custom html file is like a landing page (doesnt have anything to do with prestashop). I use prestashop . If you could tell me what to include in my html file it would be great. Regards, Florin
  2. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding prestashop. I have a landing page (custom html file) in which I want to include the menu module from prestashop (a module that I have). I know that I need to include the config from prestashop so the connections to the database can be made, but I don't know how I include my menu from prestashop to the landing page (custom html page). Can anyone let me know how I can do that? It will be highly appreciated. Regards, Florin
  3. Buna ziua. As dori sa imi zica cineva prin ce fisiere trebuie sa modific ca sa imi adaug un camp nou (in cazul meu CNP) in formularul din backend cand adaugi un user nou. Am facut sa imi adaug cnp din registration din front end cand se inregistreaza orice user, imi apare in spate in lista aia mare cu toti useri (apare cnp-ul) dar nu reusesc sa adaug si la formularul din backend cand adaugi user din spate. Stie cineva unde trebuie sa modific?
  4. Same problem here. After i put 777 on .htaccess and created the multishop, when i'm trying to access the second shop i get this link instead : " Please use the following URL instead: http://danina-old.viponly.ro/index.php " . This is the test server.
  5. Hi Mike. It doesn't work. I still get the error 34 regarding some translations (alot of errors appear on the back-end regarding translations). Don't know what to do. Can you give me some hints or advice or any other ideea how i might solve my problem ? i just need the products/customers/categories from the old database ( to import it to that's it. No orders no other stuff Best regards, Florin
  6. Hi mike and thanks for the reply. I tried this link http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Manual+update+(experts+only) to make the upgrade but i get the error 34 and alot of errors regarding the translation of the back end. I will try another time to upgrade using the link you provided. Hope it will help but if it doesn't help ill post it here. I want to mention that when i received the error 34 the back-end was semi functional. I had the products from the old store and the categories but lots of bad code in-between. I'll come up with a new answer in a couple of hours if this works or not. Best regards, Florin
  7. Hello. I have a prestashop live shop (made a clone of the site on a test server) and i want to upgrade to . My problem is that on the server i have modified the core files (not that much) only added some new text fields on registration area and on the pdf invoice (think it's not that big of a deal). Can someone tell me how i upgrade without loosing my customers/products/categories ? That's all i care products and customers(users) that registered. Please if someone has an ideea i would be gratefull. Best regards, Florin
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