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  1. @Kazeno , searched some time and found the same thing , thanks for your reply
  2. Bonjour , j'ai eu cette erreur depuis peu , si tu as utilisé la convention comme utilisé dans la documentation (1.5) , la création de lien NE doit PAS se faire comme ca : http://monsite/modules/monmodule/mapage.php mais en utilisant la classe Link : $this->context->link->getModuleLink('monmodule', 'mapage') qui va produire un lien comme ca : http://monsite/index.php?fc=module&module=monmodule&controller=mapage&id_lang=1
  3. Finaly , after an hour or so of testing and debugging , I got it fixed from roots ( ps 1.5.5 ) look here http://alfapkg.com/ the original theme was already having a small bug : a not-closed "div" closing it will make the theme more messed up but only some small changes make it work like charm
  4. I would like to thank you very much jumbo , this solved a strange issue on one of my clients shop ( his ip changes every 2-3 seconds !) PS : starting since ps 1.5 you have to this inside Employee Class not Cookie Class : Employee::isLoggedBack() (around line 214 )
  5. As my client said , it was random , once a month maybe , yesterday it became almost in every new cart , I got it solved by deleting all rows on ps_cart_products that has no corresponding ps_cart row , I think there was some carts that were deleted but the corresponding cart_products were not deleted
  6. Hi ,logan1ro , I got this error on some client website , can help you on this
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