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  1. You are awesome! I think I have to name my first child artjunky. Everything works beautifully now, thanks! One quick question though - will First Class or Media Mail be available anytime soon? I have some items that weigh 0.05 lbs and the minimum price to ship them is $5, but with First Class or Media Mail that rate can be drastically lowered.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a piece of code that I want to show up on my first CMS page and not the rest of them. I know that there is {if $page_name == 'cms'}{/if}, but that's for all of them. Is there any way to limit this to just one, specific page? Thanks!
  3. Do you mean the bottom of the white box, where it doesn't stretch all the way down the page?
  4. modules/blockpaymentlogo/blockpaymentlogo.tpl Delete these lines: getCMSLink(5, $securepayment)}"> and Not sure about the carousel, I don't use it.
  5. You're in the main section. Click on the tab that says Contacts and you should see the list.
  6. Did you click on Contacts? Here's a screenshot of mine (I added some), you should be able to see everything that's on the contact form.
  7. Hi again! More answers! 1. To change the content that comes up when you click on your payment modules, go to your Admin Panel > Tools > CMS. There you can add/edit/delete static pages. 2. To change the contact options, go to your Admin Panel > Employees > Contacts. 3. Yes, you'll have to upload your favicon to your root directory. I think it's in one of the img folders.
  8. Fixed it for you. I don't know much about ZenCart, so I can't really answer your question. But yes, Prestashop is awesome!
  9. Alright, thanks! I have to go out for a half hour or so, when I get back I'll take a look at it.
  10. Yeah, sure. Would you mind if I had access to your server and such? PM me.
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