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  1. Thank you for reply. I set tax for the cart, based on buyer delivery address, under Localization/Taxes. It's been set that way since we went live, and no taxes set on products, I understood that was correct. See below. Please let me know why that would not be correct? The other items did not have taxes set per product, the cart taxed based on Localization setting... ??? I'm trying to understand why this transaction was not consistent... bjp
  2. thelaptopdude, Crista_cross's checklist is all I can suggest, since this is pretty much what worked for me. Make sure you've removed all carriers, uninstall and the reinstall the module that should be handling shipping, and only use that module's settings. In my case it was FedEx, in Crista_cross's it was USPS. At first the FedEx module installs a bunch of carriers, I just disabled all but Ground, but I did it through the FedEx module settings ONLY. Good luck!
  3. Verson is PrestaShop™ , webhost is Hostgator, has been working fine. Last order, we noticed that tax (8.25% for Texas) did not calculate properly, I looked at the invoice and saw that in the tax detail the Total Tax Excl is not the same as total products - for this one order! Has anyone seen this before, can help me figure out what happened here? I can figure out no reason why these two numbers would not be the same... Help appreciated... bjp
  4. Christa_cross I'm very glad the info was helpful and you got your cart working! bjp
  5. In may case it turned out to be the FedEx module, which was resetting everything. If you are using the Connect to Fedex module, none of the usual processes should be tried. Just reset the module and let it control things. Don't try to go through all the shipping steps, the module will reset everything and if you change those settings, it doesn't work. That was how I got mine working again. I reset the module and went only through the module for settings. Good luck!
  6. Okay I *think* we're back. The FedEx module wipes out all settings and woe be to those who try to fix things by changing them. I will update if it breaks again. thanks for listening. bjp
  7. Under the carrier's edit summary this is the result: Carrier name: Ground home delivery This carrier is not free and the delivery announced is: Ground home delivery. The shipping cost is calculated according to the price and the tax rule US-TX Rate (8.25%) will be applied. This carrier can deliver orders from 0.000000 $ to 1000.000000 $. If the order is out of range, the behavior is to apply the cost of the highest defined range. This carrier will be proposed for those delivery zones:North America And it will be proposed for those client groups: Visitor Guest Customer Status: Enable the carrier in the Front Office What am I missing???? bjp
  8. Thank you, no I am not using warehouses, we don't have advanced stock management enabled and if there is a setting for warehouses, I don't know where to look for it. We did not set up warehouses when it was set up and working before. Is there a place for this when not using advanged stock management? bjp
  9. Using PrestaShop™, using Connect to FedEx module. Got everything set up, connect to fedex worked fine, at the time of set up offer fedex ground and ground home delivery, through the module settings. Everything has been working properly. We decided that we wanted to only offer ground home delivery because all our orders were to residence and fedex was charging us more than the module was charging the customer, so I took Fedex Ground off as a carrier leaving only ground home delivery. Now I am getting the infamous "No carrier has been made available for this selection." I have checked setting for zones, country, states, all appear to be correct. We are not using advanced stock management. This is a big problem, I have been trying to solve for hours, I have checked and and rechecked, I have reset and reconfigured the fedex module and gone through PS's Shipping and Carrier setting over and over again. This is for a small local company selling only in the US. I have states assigned to USA and USA assigned to North America zone. I have the single carrier (fedex ground home delivery enabled for North America. Testing with real address. This is driving me crazy because it was working, and now it's broken. All I did was remove one of two carriers. PLEASE let me know what else I can try, and extra points if you want to help me fix it. This is urgent (for me and this business). Help deeply appreciated. bjp
  10. I have the same need - to copy a set of attributes from one group to another. I have the module Attribute Wizard Pro but it does not appear to do this (it lets you copy attribute groups from one product to another, but not attributes from one group to a new one). Any suggestions for a way to do this? I have a group with 50 attributes, which I need to use in more than one instance, and I want each group to have a unique name. Adding those attributes one by one, times 50, is daunting... bjp
  11. Several, but it's working now. I deleted the whole folder from modules via FTP, uploaded the extracted files, still didn't work... the magic fix was pulling it up in the modules page and "reset". All good now. bjp
  12. I am having this problem. I don't see any replies, is there any fix for this? bjp
  13. Thanks, Tomer, this is exactly what I ended up doing. I did mange to solve the problem using the display:none style. I know that with a downloadable product there should not be a shipping option, therefore no carrier, however when a customer would go back and add another item (same kind, downloadable), somehow the cart is requiring that there be a carrier selected. I created a free shipping carrier, set it for all zones, and then used display:none to make it invisible. It seems to be working fine now. I can tell from looking at the carts in back office that the carrier is being recorded anytime a customer adds a second item, but I'm not getting any error, and they don't have to see it. Thanks for responding. bjp
  14. Thanks for this! I need to become educated in SQL queries, for the time being I'm erring on the side of caution (since I don't truly know what I am doing), but your suggestion is very helpful. thank you bjp
  15. Here is my question, as I continue to have this error and am trying to track it down. Can I remove all references to carrier in shopping-cart.tpl without causing a problem with the cart functions? I do not need shipping at all, I have only downloadable products. PS 1.4.9 What will happen if I do this? bjp
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