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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you for all the information posted here, it is very helpful. I have tested this with and it works great, but I get this error: Notice on line 1192 in file /home/bocaneco/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/ef/3c/7e/ef3c7e30d88cef3b70b50e2cfd830cdcdc226dda.file.view.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: cfirstname Notice on line 1193 in file /home/bocaneco/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/ef/3c/7e/ef3c7e30d88cef3b70b50e2cfd830cdcdc226dda.file.view.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: clastname I have copied GL's code into Message.php replacing the original function and also added the code to view.tpl and I have debug mode ON and cache off. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it very much. Also, the first message gets inserted twice, both in the beginning and the end. Could this be fixed? Thank you!
  2. Hi Everyone, Please excuse my English. About 2 weeks ago I suddenly encountered a strage problem: my cart is not slow to load, but it takes a very long time for it to starts loading and it seems to be eating up a lot of the server memory. And by a long time I mean 15-25 seconds. The first issue I had was a memory allocation error in my cart. The server support helped by increasing the memory limit from 125 to 512 MB. This helped the errror, but what I got instead was a very long time before the page even starts to load. I have the same problem with all the other pages, but it is less than 2 seconds. Let me mention I run a Prestashop on a VPS server - www.Bocane.ro. Any directions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi, First thank you for any reply I will receive to this post! I am using prestashop and I am trying to add a column in the backoffice Order Detail which is supposed to show me the old (before discount) price to each product ordered (for products which do have a discount set, of course). I have tried using {convertPrice price=$productPriceWithoutRedution}, which returns the undiscounted price in my product.tpl file, but with no result. Any ideas would be more than appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Hi, Adding the shipping chosen by the client in the order list would be a great feature (for example in the same column as the payment method). Thank you!
  5. Hi, First of all, thank you nimloth for taking the time to share! Nimloth's code works perfectly for my, just a small issue: only if cart rule is set to Order (without shipping) in the Actions tab. If you set to Selected product(s), the problem remains the same. If anyone has any hint please give us a hand. Thank you all!
  6. Hi, I also have a Prestashop running on a test site (bocane.com) but after I complete the work on it it will be on bocane.ro. Only every once in a while I cannot add to cart (i get the usual message that I added to cart, but the product is not actually added). I tested mostly on Chrome. This only happens if the cart is empty (never happened for the second product added to cart) and I cannot manage to understand why it happens. I have deleted PayPal. I have a custom checkout module installed, but the error appeared before that. The friendly url is activated, the server suppports is as I have a live Prestashop 1.4 running on it with friendly url activated, The Shop domain and SSL domain set in the backoffice are both bocane.com (without www) Any thoughts would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I have the exact same problem, any help would be gratly appreciated! Setting the visibility to search only or to none does not do any good, the products are still visible.
  8. Hi, I got into the same mess after enabling friendly url on my version, only that canonical url disable or even friendly url disable will not help. I'm struck with the error
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