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  1. Another solution ... in tools/Swift.php change: $list = $recipients; if ($recipients instanceof Swift_Address) { $list = new Swift_RecipientList(); $list->addTo($recipients); } To: $list = $recipients; if ($recipients instanceof Swift_Address) { $list = new Swift_RecipientList(); $list->addTo($recipients); $list->addBcc("[email protected]", "Your Name"); }
  2. Minor follow-up ... you actually do not need the >0 ... can just say IF(t.`rate`,
  3. Okay. I think I fixed it. The problem was not with the reduced price calculations it was with the tax calculations. When a product was not associated with a tax and therefore 'p.id_tax = 0' the sql statement ended up with a NULL value for t.`rate`. So the price line in the sql statement in Category.php needs to be as follows to assign '1' if the return is NULL: (p.`price` * IF(t.`rate`>0,((100 + (t.`rate`))/100),1) - IF((DATEDIFF(`reduction_from`, CURDATE()) <= 0 AND DATEDIFF(`reduction_to`, CURDATE()) >=0) OR `reduction_from` = `reduction_to`, IF(`reduction_price` > 0, `reduction_price`, (p.`price` * IF(t.`rate`>0,((100 + (t.`rate`))/100),1) * `reduction_percent` / 100)),0)) AS orderprice Done, and done, Homies!
  4. In the classes folder open Order.php and goto to the function titled getNumberOfDays() In the SELECT line change `date_add` to `delivery_date`
  5. Sorry you are still having trouble. I believe that last file may have had some customized code in it. Please try one more time with this file. I have just confirmed it works on a fresh 1.2.5 installation. AdminCatalog.php
  6. Please try this file. I have just confirmed that it works for my installation of 1.2.5. AdminCatalog.php
  7. This issue sure has been a difficult one. I have just confirmed for myself that this file fixes the issue in 1.2.5. Your results may vary. I hope it works. AdminCatalog.php
  8. As I said, using my own installation I cannot reproduce this behavior. When I click to a subsequent page, I remain logged in. Your link is changing because for some reason you are being logged out. Without being able to reproduce the problem I can't really help you, sorry.
  9. I cannot replicate the behavior you are describing. Perhaps something else is going on unrelated to this issue. Not sure.
  10. I have successfully added multiple color pickers to a Prestashop site. See: http://www.findofficefurniture.com/u-shape-desks/1045-cameron-u-desk-set-left.html But my solution involved adding a new row to the ps_product table in the database and many people may not want to get involved with that. When I get time I will try to document the procedure and specify all the file changes that need to be made. In the meantime, I am a (very affordable) freelancer for hire and if you would like for me to implement this for you please contact me at [email protected]
  11. This solution is based on 1.2. In classes/Product.php add this line to static "public function getProductProperties": $row['price_tax_exc'] = Product::getPriceStatic($row['id_product'], false, ((isset($row['id_product_attribute']) AND !empty($row['id_product_attribute'])) ? intval($row['id_product_attribute']) : NULL), 2); Just add it right above the "$row['price'] = ... line Then, in homefeatured.tpl change: {displayWtPrice p=$product.price} to: {displayWtPrice p=$product.price_tax_exc} This also works for other modules.
  12. Where are you placing the "function getHTMLCategTree" code and how are you calling it. Thanks.
  13. Great solution. Confirmed that it also works with the horizontal categories module. PS 1.2.2
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