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  1. Your Your wget does not support https ;-)
  2. [Module] Page Cache - speed up your shop

    I just bought this module and activated it fully. But I am suffering one problem. When I log in I still see "Login" link at the top. Yeah cache. But... In that case I have to disable cache for logged users. Unfortunately then the website is terribly slow (10-15 secs). Would it be possible to make only that "Login" link dynamic and remain also logged users under cache? Regards, R.
  3. Nahlásil jsem: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-9051
  4. I had this problem too. Tried to solved it for several hours. Finally I got it. I had "orders" seo name of two pages, "order page" and "order OPC" I HAVE NO IDEA why there is no UNIQUE key on SEO NAME? We would never have that problem again :-/ Thx
  5. Hello, I am having problems with upgrade to Using 1-click upgrade module. when I start upgrade, it download file, unpack it and update files. The next stage is upgrade of database. Unfortunately this section never finishes. The message about db upgrade stays there "forever". I came to the PC the next day and still no change. The log freezes like this: copied /translations/it/errors.php. copied /translations/it/fields.php. copied /translations/it/index.php. copied /translations/it/pdf.php. copied /translations/it/tabs.php. directory /upload already exists. copied /upload/index.php. directory /webservice already exists. copied /webservice/dispatcher.php. copied /webservice/index.php. all files has been upgraded. Now upgrading database. this can take a while ... What could be the problem? Or how to debug it? Regards, roy
  6. Simply ask your hosting provider to increase memory limit in php to let's say 256MB. You have simply reached the limit set for your php scripts...
  7. Hi, I found one thing that scared me until I discovered what is problem. I want to build non-english e-shop. I installed prestashop in english and everything was fine. I also added demo products etc. Fine. Then I added czech language and made it default. Oops what craziness. All menu items, categories and texts in top menu was gone. I then realized that problem is that OF COURSE I do not have translated products, categories etc. Maybe it would be fine to copy product translations from english language to the new one when creating new localization in prestashop? Technically it is so easy Insert into ... select from .... one query per table and we're good to go ) This problem is very nasty especially for "root" category that needs to be tweaked using some db tool. Until that I can't add new product in my new language - that AJAX(or only js?) stuff that display category list in product detail simply displays nothing - and nothing cannot be opened... Thanks for suggestions how to easily solve this all. If there is any easy ;-) roy