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  1. cheers payments processable but im getting this error email... ePDQ CPI Error :: Unable to post transaction details for order id 16202 to URL http://www.webaddress.co.uk/modules/epdqcpi/validation.php any ideas...
  2. hi thanks for the reply... ok i setup module 2.0 and i am getting this message Sorry, there has been a problem processing your payment. Encrypted data not present. and ideas.... Thanks in advance... P.S the test account works well
  3. Hi I recently got the EPDQ CPI module to use for online payments, which i believe i need to run with a dedicated ssl cert. but now i discover that my host ... streamline.net only supplies shared ssl is there any way around this as i think presta only works with dedicated ssl any help welcomed...thanks in advance....
  4. Just an update on this error .... it only occurs for me when a customer orders the last item in stock.. if i have 2 in stock and the customer orders one i have no problem what so ever.... Hope this helps to resolve the issue ... obviously a db problem...
  5. seemed to work before upgrade... a bit like a lot of stuff...pre upgrade....
  6. Hi when i add product to prestashop and press save, i am taken to the Product categories main page i.e Level 0 in the product hierarchy structure, which is a bit annoying if i am adding products in level 4, previous installation would return to the above sub category only.. i.e Category>Sub Category>Sub Sub Category.etc This never happened before i upgraded to version 1.2.5 from 1.1.x, anyone recommend a fix for this..
  7. i already have this column in my order_detail table... please see image
  8. hi i have two identical sites (same name .... 1 co.uk and the other 1 a .com) one is a test site for development, the other as a stable site both are on line and share the same db my question is how do i set the path in possibly the comfig.inc.php? file to share the same image folder over the internet ie one img folder feeding two websites... thanks
  9. hi i think i did but i need more testing with live orders ... i just uninstalled the bank wire module in the payments module section.... and my test orders worked o.k but will need to verify with real orders.... to fix the cms for orders that have come through and show no detail i.e picture 3 you need to manually update the order_detail table in the db via Navicat etc.. some of the information you need will be found in the orders ps_Orders table i.e id_cart etc Hope that helps for now ... as i said before not sure if its fixed permanently...time will tell.... let me know how you get on with testing this fix
  10. after some investigation ... prestashop is not writing to the ps_order_detail Table....
  11. your right about that...its like stealth moderation... now all my orders arrive as awaiting bank payment.. and i cant view the order at all .. this is frustrating and annoying.....
  12. what's the point of a forum if nobody moderates or at least trys to help... maybe prestashop should rename this to a bulletin board and we could all charge for being software testers...
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