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  1. I am facing the same problem. Can anybody tell the solution for it. 404 forbidden error.
  2. Dear friends I have tried Top Horizontal Menu Module v1.3 in my ver using new theme 1.5 this module is working perfectly fine in chrome and firefox but in internet explorer it is not working fine at all. the layout completely changes in ie9 or ie8. can anybody pls give the solution to resolve this issue?
  3. this module is working fine on Chrome & Firefox but is not working properly on IE 8 & IE9. Any solution for running it on ie
  4. Hi there I am using version with presta new theme I have been using layered navigation for attribute filteration of products for few weeks. but now i am facing a problem. when i select the feature of product in catalogue box the search icon keeps rotating but nothing happens i.e no filtered products are shown. my templates in layered navigation module are automatically deleted. even after creating new template filters and reinstaaling layered navigation module nothing happens. can any body pls tell me where the problem lies? and how to solve it? thanx
  5. I am facing a problem in my layered navigation module whenever i select any of the the check box item in catalog (it keeps on searching the filtered product but does not give any reply) this module was working fine for few months but since yesterday it started giving this problem. Can somebody tell me where is the problem? Thanx
  6. i have tried mozilla firebug for global.css file. I able to align the lower horizontal bar (.sortPagiBar #nbrItemPage) but I am unable to find the option to align the upper bar. can anybody tell me pls which function needs to be edited to align the upper bar?
  7. I am using New theme ver (in the upper grey bar of product list.) these items are left aligned vertically. but they need to be aligned horizontally in a row Switch view Sort by ---- show --- products per page where as in lower bar of product list they are aligned horizontally but overlapping each other. can anybody tell me pls which css file and what code should i edit to rectify this problem?
  8. Dear Sir I am using new theme of ver. there is a alignment problem in these items switch view , sort by---, show--- products by page these are not aligned horizontally in row. can u pls tell me what code should i edit to rectify this problem
  9. My site is messed by installing this module... I am using prestashop new theme of ver. 1. Layered navigation module stops working 2. The alignment of sort by -- , show --products by page is altered (left aligned) 3. nothing happens by clicking on switch or list icons. i have read the forum. downloaded tpl_for_new_theme.zip & tpl_corregidos.zip but nothing improved Even if i unistall this module my problem remains the same. Kindly anyone get my issue resolved or atleast get my site back to it original state. thanx...
  10. Hi What i am looking for is that a discount tag or label should appear on the product image. The normal price and the price after discount should be displayed along with the product. the way product is shown in the specials block on the home page (in the same way the product should be shown everywhere - whether in the features product block on the home page or in the products page ) Can anyone tell me the solution for my query pls
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