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  1. Hi ! Nice job I had initially created the module because it was almost impossible to get an Instagram API key at the time. It seems resolved and your method is clearly the best. If have edit the first message of the topic, to propose your module instead. On the other hand, even if it's not important at all, you could have mentioned somewhere that you were "inspired" by my module. Have a good day
  2. Hello everybody, Sorry guys, I haven't time to deal with the module lately. To make it simple, the "master" branch will only be compatible with 1.7 I set up a "1.6.x" branch to maintain 1.6 compatibility To make it easier, here are the download links: Last 1.7 Version : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/archive/1.2.4.zip Last 1.6 Version : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/archive/1.2.3.zip
  3. Hello, Yes, Instgram change it again... I'm sorry but for the moment I've the time to work on it at every change...
  4. Hello, Please use the 1.2.2 release : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/releases The version 2.0.0 is not an "open" verion
  5. Yes, Instagram change it again ! I just correct it : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/releases/tag/1.2.2
  6. @stevexc99 @panoskou Instagram have change all our feed data. You just have to upgrade your module, and it will work
  7. Hello @kikerr, Thank you I have add it : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/commit/5b42ee6a583bd5c9b314be88bd17b056fb75d836
  8. Hello Panoskou, Instagram have made a change in theirs JSONs. I've corrected the module, you just have to download and update it
  9. The imagickResize permit to resize the pics to the correct format, but you serveur need to have ImageMagick (http://php.net/manual/fr/book.imagick.php) If you don't have, the module take the original pic hosted on Instagram.
  10. Thank you, I've add it, and copy/paste your description in the initial post.
  11. Yes you should use "blockinstagram" as folder name ! @Florian yes it would be great, Can you send me your translation name
  12. Hello, Sorry for the delay. @Felipe_CN What is your problem ? @OTOKO : The file is in the correct path : /modules/blockinstagram/blockinstagram.php ? What is your Prestashop version ? You should see that in the BO :
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