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  1. I would be happy to see a merge between jbx_menu module and blocktopmenu. jbx_menu offers much more oppurtunities, like pictures for menu entries, you can easily change the colors trough the configuration dialoug, which is currently not working in prestashop 1.5, becouse of /classes/AdminTab.php. Could you please help me to fix that problem, or merge it with blocktopmenu, which it is based on. Thanks.
  2. I am also FOR AdminClasses overrides! Guys, I think you know jbx_menu as a module? I would be happy if you could merge it with blocktopmenu. Its based on blocktopmenu, and the latest version, 2.7 I think, does not work in Prestashop 1.5 becouse of the class AdminClassTab or something like that. Please merge it :-)! jbx_menu offers pictures for menu entries, you can change the colors, etc. trough the configuration dialouge, which does, like I said, not work under prestashop 1.5. Waiting for reply.
  3. yeah, how can I change the default theme in prestashop 1.5, to an other theme???
  4. Hey, thanks for the beta 2 :-). I have a question, why is there no theme installer in prestashop 1.5, or how can I change from the default theme, to an other theme, that I have in the themes directory?
  5. I am still working at a version for 1.4, and I have already very much migrated... To be continued :-)
  6. no my question is how can I change from the default to an other theme in prestashop 1.5...
  7. Hallo, also ich hab in der PHP Datei von dem Modul, comboslider, die funktion für "install" so verändert, dass es jetzt zwangsweise in die Sektion "Top of Pages" fällt. Jedoch sehe ich das Modul nicht auf der Seite. BTW: Sry nochmal, dass ich dass hier in die falsche Sektion hier im Forum gestellt habe.
  8. Hallo, wie kann ich ein hook in "top of pages" einbinden, auch wenn es dass nicht will :-)? Da steht immer dass ichs nicht in dieses hook rein schieben kann.. aber dass kann man doch sicher iwie überwinden?
  9. how can I use a module in "Top of Pages" section, when it does not support it? I get the message that I cant move it to that hook.
  10. I would call it 2.0 when there are no more hooks...
  11. I use now an other menu. I just had to configure global.css, and it worked for me
  12. IMHO the blocktopmenu module ( is that the right name ? :X) Should have more options, like icons/images for menu entries, and an easier configuration dialog.
  13. jsherk: thanks for that :-) Ok, so I have problems with themes/templates. In 1.4 I had much problems with modules from themes, becouse often themes for <= 1.4 the themes had their own modified version of the standard modules that come with prestashop. I dont know any theme that used the exporter/importer. And in 1.5 I dont even see one (?) . It would be good to have an option in 1.5 to bundle with the theme itself modules that are used by the theme. Often themes for prestashop 1.4 and lower, the manual of the themes say that you have to place the theme modules in the $ROOT/modules directory, what of course overwrittes the default modules from the default prestashop theme. Please make this happen... SO that you can have very many themes/modules installed, and you can switch easily via the webinterface. THANKS, Eduard Gotwig.
  14. No, I havent had the time to test it this weekend. A live server would be good :-) And I dont realy have time for this I think... I mean, its alpha. What would be important for me is support for the german rights system, a native german gui and other german specific things... Also I would be happy to see better using of the cache, for faster loading of websites. Thanks for your work, from your neighbours from Germany Eduard Gotwig
  15. I´m happy that it works for you btw: does gasilnik mean refridgerator in slovenic or something like that? I know russian, and it sounds like the russian word
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