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  1. Hi, could you please share your solution for editing the payment method name ? Thanks
  2. Hi everybody, The more I get close to the end of developping and styling of the shop, the more I ask myself why some features aren't build in in Prestashop. Anyway...Does anybody know how to display the product pictures in the order history page of the my account section ? I don't use references and having just a description is not very usefull, especially if the image information is stocked somewhere. It would be much easier for clients to retrieve bought products by their pictures. Thanks for helping.
  3. Update (suffit un peu d'essayer des fois) : Solution pour replier le panier en automatique sans bug du petit carré, ajouter : setTimeout(function(){$('.topcart').slideUp('slow');},6000); au lieur de setTimeout("ajaxCart.collapse()",6000); Par contre cela fonctionne toujours qu'au chargement d'une page. Si quelqu'un trouve le code pour un foctionnement direct comme sur http://www.presto-changeo.com/... ...you're welcome.
  4. Un grand merci à OEB pour la dernière version du module. Il est parfait. J'ai essayé néanmoins de le personnaliser un peu pour avoir le panier qui se ferme automatiquement après un certains temps. Pour cela il faut ajouter dans ajax-cart.js tout à la fin : setTimeout("ajaxCart.collapse()",6000); .... setTimeout("ajaxCart.collapse()",6000); ajaxCart.overrideButtonsInThePage(); ajaxCart.refresh(); }) Cela fonctionne bien à un petit détail près: le panier se repli si l'on change de page, donc lors d'un rechargement de page. Au premier ajout qu'on fait il reste déplié. C'est un détail et pas trop grave mais peut-être que quelqu'un connait une meilleure solution pour fermer le panier en automatique. Pour voir un example de ce que j'aimerai allez sur http://www.presto-changeo.com/ et ajoutez un produit au panier... Petit bug bizarre quandmême avec setTimeout : la partie déplié se referme bien apres le temps indiqué mais il reste un petit carré de env. 10px qui reste visible. la partie visible est ce qui est indiqué dans blockcart.css sous #cart_block .block_content, donc un border et le background. Si j'enleve c'est 2 element on ne voit plus rien, mais je n'ai plus ces styles sur le panier evidemment.
  5. Hey Thanks...No I didn't update before...it works smoothly !
  6. hello, I modified my files to use jqzoom 2.3 latest version following the instructions of Hobo's post (Thanks Hobo). It works fine. the only thing is that if I have multiple images the only image that gets the zooming is the first image. When an other image is selected the zoom jumbs to the first or default image. Anyone knows how to have zooming on the selected images ? Thanks in advance !
  7. Merci à Reda pour la mise à jour du module. Petit ajout pour ceux qui ne voit pas s'afficher directement la petite image du produit qu'on vient d'ajouter au panier mais seulement après un rechargement de page : Dans dans le repertoire blockcart il faut modifier le fichier blockcart-json.tpl dans la première partie et rajouter la ligne suivante : "imagesmall": "{$link->getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $product.id_image, 'small')}", Résultat : "id": {$product.id_product}, "link": "{$link->getProductLink($product.id_product, $product.link_rewrite, $product.category)|addslashes|replace:'\\\'':'\''}", "imagesmall": "{$link->getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $product.id_image, 'small')}", "quantity": {$product.cart_quantity},...
  8. Bonjour, Un grand merci pour l'excellent module blockcartpremium. J'ai juste une question: est-ce possible d'intégrer aussi l'image et le titre du produit qu'on rajoute dans la fenêtre popup ?
  9. Ok...Thanks Bellini. You gave me the hint to solve it. This is how the code has to be to do what I wanted: $ogoneParams['TP'] = Tools::getHttpHost(true).'/presta/payment.php?id_lang='.$params['cart']->id_lang;
  10. Hi bellini, Thanks for your answer but unfortunatly this doen't work. What I need is to retrieve the id_lang part and add it to the url. Example : If my php code is like this : $ogoneParams['TP'] = Tools::getHttpHost(true).'/presta/payment.php'; it will parse and send this in html: http://www.myshop.com/presta/payment.php But what I would need is : http://www.myshop.com/presta/payment.php?&id_lang=1 and where the Id_lang number is dynamically retrieved from the php code according to the language id's from the backoffice
  11. Hello, I installed the prestashop ogone module which I'm testing right now. Everything works fine so far but I'm struggling with one little problem and would need some help from a pro out there. Ogone allows to link their payment process page to a custom template which can be hosted on your server. This can be done through adding the right param (in red) in ogone.php page like this: public function hookPayment($params) { global $smarty; $currency = new Currency((int)($params['cart']->id_currency)); $lang = new Language((int)($params['cart']->id_lang)); $customer = new Customer((int)($params['cart']->id_customer)); $address = new Address((int)($params['cart']->id_address_invoice)); $country = new Country((int)($address->id_country), (int)($params['cart']->id_lang)); $ogoneParams = array(); $ogoneParams['PSPID'] = Configuration::get('OGONE_PSPID'); $ogoneParams['OPERATION'] = 'SAL'; $ogoneParams['ORDERID'] = pSQL($params['cart']->id); $ogoneParams['AMOUNT'] = number_format(Tools::convertPrice((float)(number_format($params['cart']->getOrderTotal(true, Cart::BOTH), 2, '.', '')), $currency), 2, '.', '') * 100; $ogoneParams['CURRENCY'] = $currency->iso_code; $ogoneParams['LANGUAGE'] = $lang->iso_code.'_'.strtoupper($lang->iso_code); [color=#ff0000] $ogoneParams['TP'] = Tools::getHttpHost(true).'/presta/payment.php';[/color] ................... $smarty->assign('ogone_params', $ogoneParams); $smarty->assign('OGONE_MODE', Configuration::get('OGONE_MODE')); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'ogone.tpl'); } Now the problem is that my payment.php page is always loading in the shop's default language. As I have a 3 language shop I would like to retrieve the right page according to the customers choosen language. What do I have to add to the /presta/payment.php to retrieve the language (id_lang or cookie ?). I know how to do it in a tpl file but I've very limited php programming skills. Hope someone can help me out on this...Thanks in advance
  12. Hello everybody, I use the free ogone payment module that comes with Prestashop. After setting up a testaccount with ogone everything works fine. Ogone let you use a dynamic template file which is stored on your server for the payment page. This works ok if the page is a html page. But I would like to use a php page to generate the look and feel of this payment page. But the url for the php template page doesn't work...it redirects you to the ogone static payment page. Did anyone manage to link a php page as a dynamic template with Ogone ? This is the code snippet for the working link to a html page in ogone.php : $ogoneParams['TP'] = 'http://www.mysite.com/template_standard.html'; Any help on this would be great... Thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to simplify how existing or new customers login to their account or create a new account opening just a pop window in a fancy box. To see a working example please have a look at http://www.menlook.co.uk/ (created with prestashop !) and click on "my account" (on the topleft of the page). It's exactly what I'm looking for and I wonder if anyone tried this before or knows how to proceed to have it working the same way. Thanks....
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