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  1. Hi Prestashop updated to version 1.5.5 and have lost all fields: ( Uninstall, disable does not help: (


    So for me it works correctly on PS 1.5.5 :rolleyes:


    It works so, that the module checks all the fields that exist in the database.

    If the field does not exist, the button will not appear.

    Probably your database does not allow this control.

    I can OFF this control, but it will be better to find another option.


    Send me your email in PM. I'll send you a test module and you send me the output.

  2. <p>

    Wow Falgener, 1.2.1 XML is quite powerful. I have not explored deep but if I put XML and cron together, I can in future create many possibilities. 1. I noticed a bug with Delivery Other. csv does not place the &quot; at the end of it, causing any rows after that to escape weird. 2. Delivery other also seems to be unable to output numeric value to csv. Above 2 issues might also be affected in Invoice other but I have not had the time to verify since I use Delivery other.


    Yes, you're right (as always :) ).

    I assumed that the delivery/invoice other be some text, not alone number.

    Will be fixed in the next update.

  3. Hi,


    I download the new 1.1.5 version and it was a great update. But there still is a problem : tax_rate field allways shows 0.0000 in the export files. Do i do something wrong ?


    Anyway, thanks for this great module.


    Hi, is out, so update. Added: Tax unit amount, Tax total amount, Tax-tax rate(work with PS.1.5x :) ), Order status fields.

  4. That's because your module made me busier cos I provided better customer service with your module and gained more customers! :)


    I'm actually on Excel 2013 and can open Excel 2003 files. I tried the URL you suggested but firstly it doesn't import to excel well (the delimiters can't understand the csv well) and secondly it takes a lot more time figuring out the delimiters because some csv may contains certain characters or spacing that confuses Excel (OO is much smarter).


    If the module can export in .xls format directly, it's a lot simpler.


    I'll look into it. But surely only for Excel 2007 and above it is solvable as .xlsx format ...

  5. Falgener, I just wanted to thank you for such a great module! I use it every single day and look back at how much time your module save me! :)


    I just have 2 suggestions to add:


    1) Add Order Status field (the order's latest order status)


    2) Ability to export in Excel 2003 without problems with UTF-8. You can read previous issues with UTF-8 with excel starting from here: http://www.prestasho...s/page__st__180


    I open the exported csv via openoffice and save as .xls so that I can work in Excel which is a lot more powerful and "talks" well with my other excel spreadsheet. But I feel this can be improved by directly exporting in .xls format, saving me some time converting to .xls format.


    I hope the export to .xls works out well and does not show ???? symbols for those foreign characters (eg. Chinese, Swedish and other utf8 characters)


    p.s. Excel is well known to not work well with csv. We tried many other alternative but currently the only solution is to export in .xls itself to simplify our daily process and reduce possible characters error. Copy and pasting between openoffice and Excel sometimes also don't work well.


    Hi Pressed0024,

    I have not seen you for a long time :)


    1/ Yes, will be added

    2/ I have not test, I have not Excel2003, but maybe help You this: http://www.itg.ias.edu/content/how-import-csv-file-uses-utf-8-character-encoding

  6. Hi,


    I download the new 1.1.5 version and it was a great update. But there still is a problem : tax_rate field allways shows 0.0000 in the export files. Do i do something wrong ?


    Anyway, thanks for this great module.



    No, You do nothing wrong. order_tax table, where is tax_rate field was only in PS to 1.4.9.x.

    As You may see, this field is gray in table bottom in module and work not for PS 1.5x.

    For PS 1.5.x I'll add new table ps_order_detail_tax where are unit_amount, total_amount fields. Next week. :)


    EDIT: In fact, there are two fields tax_rate, one from table order_tax, one from order_detail. I thing, this from order_detail table is unused in PS 1.5x - is still 0.0

  7. Hi Falgener,


    How do you get the custom calc fields to work for instance "Total_price_tax_incl"-"Total_price_tax_incl"


    tried it couple of times and don't get any thing


    Many Thanks




    must be exactly as on button multiline help text:

    examle - fill this into first calculated text fields , without the quotes, case sensitive:


    total_price_tax_incl - total_price_tax_excl


    then click CalculatedField1 button (from "Available fields") to add to "fields for export" and save.

  8. Wow. Thanks a lot for this awesome job and support.


    I just saw that there are 4 fields for taxes (tax_rate, taxname, taxrate, and taxamount) but i only have one field selectable to add into the report and it allways shows 0 as value instead the actual tax rate. Can you tell me why ?

    Also, is there a way to add a field "Total Shipping Tax excl." ?


    Hmm, It depend of PrestaShop version, older version have not this fields in database :(

  9. Hi,


    Great addon. However there is a functionnality missing : Add the ecotax for each product into the exportable fields, and the total amount of ecotax.

    Is there any solution to add these two fields ? Is there any chance that you update your addon soon and add these functionalities ?


    Thank you for your answer,


    PS: sorry for my bad english.



    tomorrow will be new version, so I'll add this fields and many more functionalities... :)

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