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  1. Hi, in the export or import module? PrestaShop version? Contact me in the PM or nevianet contact form. Thanks.
  2. Updated to 1.3. Added possibility export products only from selected categories. Download free XML products export module. Possibility test import / update products on my test e-shop. Contact me via PM.
  3. So for me it works correctly on PS 1.5.5 It works so, that the module checks all the fields that exist in the database. If the field does not exist, the button will not appear. Probably your database does not allow this control. I can OFF this control, but it will be better to find another option. Send me your email in PM. I'll send you a test module and you send me the output.
  4. You are very fast. How long is PS 1.5.5. outside? I look at it and fix it.
  5. Yes, I know about this problem. tomorow will be new version 1.1.8, that solve it.
  6. Updated to 1.0.2 Added Fixed price, separate discount for each combination for PrestShop 1.5.x
  7. <p> Yes, you're right (as always ). I assumed that the delivery/invoice other be some text, not alone number. Will be fixed in the next update.
  8. NEW: Version 1.2.1 - adds the ability to define custom XML output. (User-defined XML)
  9. Version 1.0.6 Added support for attributes combination and features. Imported product may be continually updated from source eshop via CRON.
  10. Are you sure? So far, no one had a problem with it. Check the settings. If it's not correct, please contact me via PM
  11. Hi, is out, so update. Added: Tax unit amount, Tax total amount, Tax-tax rate(work with PS.1.5x ), Order status fields.
  12. I'll look into it. But surely only for Excel 2007 and above it is solvable as .xlsx format ...
  13. Hi Pressed0024, I have not seen you for a long time 1/ Yes, will be added 2/ I have not test, I have not Excel2003, but maybe help You this: http://www.itg.ias.edu/content/how-import-csv-file-uses-utf-8-character-encoding
  14. No, You do nothing wrong. order_tax table, where is tax_rate field was only in PS to 1.4.9.x. As You may see, this field is gray in table bottom in module and work not for PS 1.5x. For PS 1.5.x I'll add new table ps_order_detail_tax where are unit_amount, total_amount fields. Next week. EDIT: In fact, there are two fields tax_rate, one from table order_tax, one from order_detail. I thing, this from order_detail table is unused in PS 1.5x - is still 0.0
  15. must be exactly as on button multiline help text: examle - fill this into first calculated text fields , without the quotes, case sensitive: total_price_tax_incl - total_price_tax_excl then click CalculatedField1 button (from "Available fields") to add to "fields for export" and save.
  16. I know what it is. It is prestashop version problem. But for me it works ok for 1.4.4 to I'll fix it for a while.
  17. uninstall / install, this should fix it, if this error occurs. Let me know if not.
  18. Hi all, 1.1.5 version is out. Added eight calculated field for user defined export field. Added ability to rewrite names XML elements tag, CSV columns + buttons names direct from module.
  19. Yes, Tax Name, Tax Rate, Tax Amount was in DB from PS version to 1.4.9x. In new export version are calculated fields, so You will may use total_price_tax_incl - total_price_tax_excl etc ... tomorrow ...
  20. Hmm, It depend of PrestaShop version, older version have not this fields in database
  21. Hi, tomorrow will be new version, so I'll add this fields and many more functionalities...
  22. Seems to both modules work for default Store, but ... it was only quick test...
  23. I suppose not, I think, in any Store can be a different Pack and Accessories of products. Gradually I will fix some my modules for multistore...
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