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  1. Hi, 

    We need the import module to import XML created by a software.

    Basically, XML is generated every time product is created on the soft and we want to import automatically the file every day. (here a very basic draw to understand : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22471920/xmlimport.jpg )

    From my side, your module does what we want.


    But, can you, please, confirm it'll work? And please, send me the access to the test site? To know how to build the XML.


    And, other question, is there any plan to support the products attachments? If any, when?


    Thanks a lot!



    Products attachments are saved in root/download/ directory. Direct access for download attachments is denied in .htaccess. Is possible resolve it (in export module) but I am not sure if is good idea.


    If I understand You well, it is import from another software, no from Prestashop.

    In this case IMHO will be better write specific XML import.


    I send more info in personal message.


    Hi I changed the

     code as you say

    Now it doesnt show the error but it shows me a white site nor my admin panel. I have prestashop 1.5.6 I would need this to work Ho cand i do.



    white screen appears usually if server memory limit is exhausted - image is too big or corrupted.

    Try increase last processing image id. Next image will be skipped.

  3. Hi Falgener,


    i am interested in your module "Import XML Products L2" to use in place of the standard CSV import, please let me know if I understood correctly. Your module imports XML files, instead of CSV. That should not be a problem as in Excel it is possible to save the XML format.



    Best regards



    Hi Navid.


    Import module support only xml structure exported with this module. http://netvianet.com/prestashop-module/39-export-xml-products-free.html

    It will not work with converted xml from excel.

    I send You access to the test site in the PM if you want to test.

  4. Dear Falgener


    We purchased the module a few days ago. The Site is running PrestaShop™ We translated the module into german and edited the exported discounts.csv. Now the problem is that after uploading the edited file and "import discounts" -- none of the discounts seems to be imported.


    Edited File: discounts.csv (utf-8) based on exported file after translation to german.

    ID;Kategorie;Artikelnr;Name;Preis;Discount Typ;Discount Wert;ab Menge;von Datum;bis Datum
    44;Fontanafredda;10410054;Fontanafredda Gavi di Gavi DOCG 2013;7,30;amount;0;36;0000-00-00 00:00:06;0000-00-00 00:00:07
    44;Fontanafredda;10410054;Fontanafredda Gavi di Gavi DOCG 2013;5,90;amount;0;600;0000-00-00 00:00:16;0000-00-00 00:00:17
    45;Fontanafredda;10410053;Fontanafredda Pradalupo Roero Arneis DOCG 2013;7,30;amount;0;36;0000-00-00 00:00:05;0000-00-00 00:00:06
    45;Fontanafredda;10410053;Fontanafredda Pradalupo Roero Arneis DOCG 2013;5,90;amount;0;600;0000-00-00 00:00:15;0000-00-00 00:00:16
    etc. …

    Any Idea how to handle this?

    Btw: The discount type we need to import is fixed but this value returns an error.

    Hi misha13,

    I will look at it. In any case, it will include in the update. During two or three days.

  5. Can't update from module, archive broken (zero size). And I can't login to your shop to redownload module. When I click on retrieve pasword, it shows error: There is no account registered for this email address.


    No problem. E-shop was updated since your order. Simply send me Your old registration email via PM or use contact form on my site. I'll send you the latest version.


    By the way, what's your version? For me, download from the module works without a problem.

  6. Since the creator of this module dont answer since last year i want to know if he still gives support after buying the module... Or someone know one module like this? Thanks



    I apologise but "Follow this topic" was cancelled and I did not know about it...


    Previous questions (SaraL) solved by using the contact form on netvianet.com ("brugt" and "ny" and "demo" instead "used" , "new" "refurbished" in condition)


    Previous questions (Soldega) solved by using the contact form.

  7. Hello, I have one question and i'll describe my problem.


    First, I'm going to export orfers to .csv file form my shop, by your module - works great. Then, I want to make some changes in this file, and import it, after changes, to presta. Is it possible?


    Thank for your reply in advance!




    Yes, of course it is possible modify module and import  back some fields after  changing. But depending on what  fields you need to import...

  8. Hello no news for this new version waiting for buy it ?

    If I buy actual version I will have 1.8 ? because on ur website I see only 1.7.0 version.


    Thanks you;


    I'm sorry, of course version 1.8 is for download since monday. I forgot change it on download page. :)

    (and of course, the update is free, directly from the module.)


    really looks like a very complete module 
    but I was wondering if I could change the status of orders exported eg 
    accepted payment ----> preparation in progress (or other) 
    I think this is very important to me gestion order to avoid export orders that have already sent in earlier days (I export many orders in the same excel file) 
    could you please sorting this problem in a new version 
    Please excuse my English
    realmente parece un modulo muy completo
    pero me preguntaba si podria modificar el estado de los pedidos que exporto por ejemplo
    payment accepted ----> preparation in progress (or other)
    creo que esto es muy importante para mi gestion de pedidos para evitar exportar pedidos que ya he enviado en dias anteriores (yo exporto muchos pedidos en el mismo archivo excel)
    podria usted solucionarme este problema porfavor en una nueva version  :wacko:




    I may add in the next version, but I'm not sure ... I think that this may cause unwanted consequences.

    I think that change order status is  work for seller. For example, canceled orders, refund etc..  should be resolved by seller.

  10. Hello.
    Yes, you can use CRON to check whether is the new order in your e-shop.

    For example, you can run module with CRON every 10 minutes for  testing,  if is the new order in Your eshop. If yes, orders may be sent to specified email address.

    For set up cron you need the Cron link address specified in the module. On each hosting can be a different CRON setting, if problem with setting, ask for advice Your hosting.


    Or you can try this CRON service - I described it here:  http://tyx.cz/netvianet-module-cron-setup.html

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    few questions
    With your module,
    1. can i give discount for products in price range XXX to XXX ?(example $1 to $50) 
    2. can i give discount in specific categories?
    3. i have more then 5000 products in my store, after using other discount module - to update that much products took me hours upon hours without knowing when will it finish the job.   
    will it work the same ? do you have any solution ? 
    thank you.



    1/ - This feature is not implemented. It's just a simple module. But it's a good idea, maybe I will add in the next version.

    2/ - Yes, you must select the specific category and make discount and etc..

    3/ - If You need applied to a many of products at once, will be problem with post_max_size as in post #9

  12. I just bought the module but i can't export my orders. I'm getting the following error:




    How do I fix it?


    Hi, You have not instaled libmcrypt library on Your Hosting. If You need not use sending orders to  FTP I may correct  it for You.


    Or ask your hosting to install this library. It would be better for security reasons.

    I send contact to me in PM.


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