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  1. Hi,

    I try to export only one category from source shop to new one.

    I've  unchecked "Export products from all categories", saved settings, and when I check exported file xml - there are all products from source shop...


    Deleting old xml file dosn't change anything.


    Next problem in some sub categories I recive errror: "Sorry, but there are NO products to export with this setting."

    In test category is 18 products. Product are in some other categories too.

    I've check the problem is only with categories bottom 1-st category in shop:



    Maybe are some limitations to Product code or lenght ? In some product I have "1.0" or "-"


    Is somebody have similar problem ?


    if You select only some categories, still categories tree are exported completely, but products only from selected categories. But only products that are default in selected categories.

    I will check it soon, now  I am on vacation.

  2. Falgener any ideas for customer import/export module?

    Without password because its encrypted but only customer data like adresses, etc

    Will be usefull :)



    Yes, exactly - passwords and orders "secure_key" are encrypted and hashed with token. And the token is unique to each installation PS. Without password it is solvable export / import Customers. But it is useful without passwords? Maybe only if You set new password and inform customers...

  3. Hello,


    i want to re-install a clean and i want just export/import customers, product and categories.


    If i understand all, if install your module on old A.5.6.2 version, i export, and after i install your module in clean version and import that i want ?


    good ?

    (sorry for my scoolary english)

    best regards


    it will not work completely accurate as you think.

    Because Customers and Orders are not exported.

    Only categories, products, combinations, images etc...(All about products) Source site must be online, if You import into new site. (Images are loaded from the source site during the import.)

  4. Thanks, it works very well

    Is there any way to extract only description or other selected attributes?


    I tried to export the description and it doesn't work very well when viewing the csv since it's separated by " and the html codes contain lot of "

    Csv is not ideal format for export html, because if is any tag wrong, is problem.

    This is why was there strip_tags.

  5. Thanks for the email :D


    Just tested the CSV version

    Wanna to ask, why the image url in the description can't be exported?



    Products images are exported as full link to original image.

    Product description is exported same as original description, but html tags are stripped. (if You export as csv) If there is any image in description and it is only relative path, will remain only relative path. Check this product description. Switch to html  and check html source for this image.

  6. Error  FAILURE STOP : Something wrong with import file (does not exist). Check permission and settings.   Even putting the ip address it says here http://tyx.cz/pretashop-import-xml-products.html#top6 in time manual still having the same error, how to solve. 


    try put link to xml into browser address bar. You should see xml structure. (But may take a long time if the xml is very big.)

    How big is exported xml ?

    If you want, send me a link to xml as personal message.

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