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  1. Hi, if You select only some categories, still categories tree are exported completely, but products only from selected categories. But only products that are default in selected categories. I will check it soon, now I am on vacation.
  2. Hi, Yes, exactly - passwords and orders "secure_key" are encrypted and hashed with token. And the token is unique to each installation PS. Without password it is solvable export / import Customers. But it is useful without passwords? Maybe only if You set new password and inform customers...
  3. Hi, it will not work completely accurate as you think. Because Customers and Orders are not exported. Only categories, products, combinations, images etc...(All about products) Source site must be online, if You import into new site. (Images are loaded from the source site during the import.)
  4. Hi, Copy CRON link (bottom from module) put this link into Your web browser address bar and enter, if any errors occurs.
  5. You download from here? If Yes, download from http://netvianet.com/free-prestashop-module/23-products-image-cron-processing-free.html I’m not sure, if here is latest version.
  6. In config/defines.inc.php row 38 is @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); ? If Yes, something error should be displayed.
  7. You may try enable @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); in config/defines.inc.php
  8. Ok, try edit in processimg.php row 24 $securetime = ini_get("max_execution_time") - 10; to $securetime = ini_get("max_execution_time") - 5; But better will be if You can change (increase) max_execution_time on Your server
  9. On each server is time limit. If time limit is reached, script is stopped. In "Last processing image ID" You see last image ID. Run again and again, until "Last Product image ID" = "Last processing image ID" and status is "All thumbnails OK" or run with CRON.
  10. Csv is not ideal format for export html, because if is any tag wrong, is problem. This is why was there strip_tags.
  11. Simply delete this line (row 531 in nvn_export_products.php): $v = strip_tags($v);
  12. Hi, Products images are exported as full link to original image. Product description is exported same as original description, but html tags are stripped. (if You export as csv) If there is any image in description and it is only relative path, will remain only relative path. Check this product description. Switch to html and check html source for this image.
  13. Hi, try put link to xml into browser address bar. You should see xml structure. (But may take a long time if the xml is very big.) How big is exported xml ? If you want, send me a link to xml as personal message.
  14. Hi, maybe Your root on server is not www. This is my site example from FileZilla:
  15. Hi, Example setting for my web, orders is saved into "test" directory in root
  16. Hi, Make sure that the directory where you write to the FTP server have write permission.
  17. Thank you, men. Update is free, simply contact me using the form ( http://netvianet.com/contact-us ) and the email address, to which was sent previous version. Latest version 2.4 L2.
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