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  1. Hello, At the end of images link you have unwanted char "|", but I need test your xml sample more and will You inform.
  2. Hi, yes, at this moment is not in offer, because will be updated ( added products images and some small changes). Will be available this week. Thanks.
  3. I think, that in this case will be better write separate import module for each xml, because: 1/ No xml converting or adapt will be required. 2/ Now You are sure that each product id is unique in both xml, but will be in future? Images on remote server - this will be such a big PrestaShop modification and so many problems (with update for example etc. etc.), that unlimited hosting will be cheaper. (5000 products is not too much, for example I have unlimited hosting for test site with 20.000 products and price is 1.09€ per month)
  4. Hello, this module is not universal xml import. Will work only if Your client e-shops are on PrestaShop and if XML will be exported with this module: http://netvianet.com/prestashop-modules/39-export-xml-products-free.html (Because each xml can have different structure. We can test it on test site, contact me.) To second question: images are downloaded during xml import and are saved (resized etc..) on Your PrestaShop server. If I understand You well, You need have images on remote server? This will be problem.
  5. Hello, Yes, it is possible - with small extension. For example see example 2 on this page: http://netvianet.com/support-and-other-services/41-support-and-modification-for-nvn-export-orders-module.html More info in PM.
  6. Hello, try uninstall and retry install, sometime this happen. I send You more info to email.
  7. Hello, module works from PS, but unfortunately there is not manufacturer filter.
  8. Hello, Yes, works from 1.4.4 to 1.6.9. Of course, if any problem or You will need help, contact me with PM or http://netvianet.com/contact-us.
  9. Hi, (is tested for there is little image - help http://www.praotec.com/prestashop-nvn-discounts-module-quick-help/
  10. Hi, try add this: //find this - about line 713 $myProduct = new Product($row['id_product'],true,$lng); //after this line add this: $link = new Link(); $prlink = $link->getProductLink($row['id_product']); //find this - about line 826 $dat['SIpr-lr_L1']=$myProduct->link_rewrite; //replace with this; $dat['SIpr-lr_L1']=$prlink;
  11. Hello, option for import csv discount by SKU(reference number) is added in version 1.8.3. If SKU not exist in e-shop, this discount is skipped. If SKU is not unique in eshop, import is stopped.
  12. OK, because you are not alone with this request, I'll implement SKU (reference number) driven csv import. I'm not excited about it, because it may be problematic - see above. But the user is our master.
  13. Next problem is, if product have more discounts for combinations, because attribute ID is also attached to product id, not to product reference. I really don’t know, how simply solve import based on product reference instead ID...
  14. Hello, yes, I understand. But problem is, that SKU (or product reference number) may be not unique or maybe is not filled for some product. This may cause mistake in import. Id product is unique.
  15. Hello, yes, i'm sorry. Some problems with hosting. Will be online again after two or three days.
  16. I have had same problem. I have two domains under one account. First domain is in root, second is in root/domains directory as alias. I'm not specialist to .htaccess, but from Your post I think, problem was in RewriteRule in .htaccess in root. Because if I swap main domain and alias domain, installation was successful
  17. Hi, Yes, it is possible. Contact me on http://netvianet.com/contact-us , I will send You modified version.
  18. Yeah, I understand now. Csv import / export part is different part. Csv part ignore settings from "Live edit" part. "All products" checkbox in csv part is only selection if will be exported all products or only with discounts. Categories selection setting from "Live edit" will be ignored. After You upload discounts.csv, switch back to "Export csv" part and use button "Apply all discounts" from this part (in step 5)
  19. Hello Eraser80, strange, because before are added new discounts from csv are old discount for ID product deleted. Are You sure, that You save changes in csv before upload to server? For sure I tested again and work for me. It is product with combination? And PrestaShop version? Thanks
  20. Hello, 1.8 version. Added: Images on "mouse over tooltip". Only products with spec. prices filter. Delete outdated discounts. ( in export/import csv part )
  21. Hi, You have not installed mbstring library on Your server. See this link, how to install, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10278561/how-to-install-php-mbstring-on-centos-6-2 or ask Your hosting to install mbstring, or contact me, I may modify, or edit in module: use strlen instead mb_strlen
  22. Hi, In current version is possible export / import only 2 language, but You're not first who need more I will work on it for next version.
  23. Hello, if this happen, try go into "Advanced options, Resets e-shop..." and set Source web IP address. http://tyx.cz/pretashop-import-xml-products.html#top5 I will send more info in PM.
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