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  1. Hello, I have very old version (1.4.x ) website with huge products and categories....Now i would like to export products and categories from old site and have to import this products and categories to very new version 1.6.x...


    Can you please help me to find module or suggestion please...I need it as soon as possible..





    download free export module from this page:



    (Module works from PS version Install this module to your old site and export.


    Then contact me (contact) and we can try import to test site.

    Usually is not problem  with many products, only can take more time....




  2. Hello,


    when i export the total amount of the invoice they export in the coin of the buyer (USD, EUR, etc) but i need all my report on the same coin ( EUR ) There is a way to do that?


    export orders update v. 2.2 is available for download.

    You can download new version from module or from Your account on netvianet.com.

    See here: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-modules-update/


    Added field "Currency conversion rate". So now You can use "Calculated field" to obtain total amount (or any price) in default currency.

    For example in "Calculated field" will be formula:

    total_paid * conversion_rate

    How to setup calculated fields see here:


  3. Hi

    I bought  the module today,

    is there any update about 2-3?

    how do I install it?


    current version is 2.1.4.

    New release will be tomorrow, I hope.

    Then You can download new version from module or from Your account.

    See here: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-modules-update/


    Or contact me from http://netvianet.com/contact-us  i can send latest 2.2 version, but is not completed right now - supplier filter is added, but still only two setting are possible, will be added tomorow.


    I was trying to add Order State into this module but i was not able to see the output kindly correct me with the code to show order status


    i was trying with this code but nothing happens :unsure:  :-


    LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'order_state AS os ON os.id_order_state=oo.current_state
    LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'order_state_lang AS osl ON os.id_order_state=osl.id_order_state


    Hi, added version 0.5.1 with order state, download here:



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  5. thank you for your quick response

    it looks great

    just a few questions

    1. is it possible to receive a automatic email everyday?

    2. if yes, is it possible that a few suppliers should receive a automatic email with only there products? 

    3. if yes, can i have a suppliers email with different fields exported? 

    (I would like to receive a email with all the orders info, and I would want that the supplier should recive a basic email about the order) 



    to question 1: Yes.

    to question 2 and 3: Not, because at this moment are supported only two configuration / settings.

    I will check it and update module, but take some time, about 3-5 days...

  6. Hi 

    I am looking for something that would give me at the end of the day a list of all orders that where made on that day, including the name, address and phone number from the customer, also including the the supplier price including taxes (in the backend office in PS its tax excluded) and with on option to filter the list (or export the list) per supplier

    as I understand this module gives me just that, is that correct?


    is this the right place to buy it?

    is there a free version for trial? 



    i send You access to test site as personal message.

  7. Thanks for your response.

    I realised that the import had actually brought across 29 of the 570 products before the error would occur.


    Since making the prestashop configuration changes from the link the error is gone.


    However, the import still doesn't complete past the 29 products.


    The logs show the following messages:

    106 - Start import products

    107 - FAILURE STOP in previous run. Skipping faulty Product Original ID:33

    108 - FAILURE STOP: Product LinkRewrite_L1. Allow accented chars URL rewrite or NVN URL rewriting. Product: Original ID:34





    this sometime happens, if are some not UTF-8 chars in export.

    Try solution with JSON encode / decode.


    1/ In export module select “Encode XML JSON”

    2/ Save.

    3 / Delete old export and create new export.

    4/ In import module select “Decode JSON encoded chars”

    5/ Save.

    6 / Delete old import xml and  new import.  


    See help - solution 2 actualised: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-import-xml-products-error-description-is-not-valid/



  8. I have just tried to import the exported file and got the following error message

    "Property Product->description is not valid at line 924 in file classes/ObjectModel.php"


    Please help



    read this article: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-import-xml-products-error-description-is-not-valid/


    If still will not work, contact me at http://netvianet.com/contact-us

    and we resolve this on test site.




    I'm willing to purchase your module.. but one thing bothering me. let me explain.


    1) i have a domain - abc.com

    2) i want to export products from abc.com

    3) then i will wipe out abc.com, install a fresh prestashop and using your import module i will import my products


    which means to say, i want to export products from a prestashop, erase that prestashop, install a fresh copy and import my products again. Can i use your module for that? 



    To second question: images are downloaded during xml import and are saved (resized etc..) on Your PrestaShop server.
    may i know where exactly those images will be saved (exported) and how it will be imported during import process?



    Unfortunately this will not work. Because images are downloaded during import and if You erase original e-shop, you will be without images ...

  10. I need to export orders automatically to an ERP in xml format.

    This module suits me.

    Can you set a time frame? If e.g. cron runs every day at 8pm, it will export all orders (also those of yesterday) or only those of today?



    there is more possibilities, depend on module setting:

    1/ export all (basic)

    2/ export only Orders added from last export

    3/ export date from /  date to

    4/ export from variable date,  for example from yesterday

    5/ export only Orders with some status (for example Payment accepted)

    ... and combinations


    Only notice: some ERP need more complex XML structure. In this case will be needed small modification - module extension. If You are not sure, contact me.

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  11. Hi,


    Is there a way to export the order data from version 1.4.7 and import it into the current version of Prestashop. I've looked at the MySQL data and it would involve a lot of work to keep everything in synch. Any suggestions are appreciated.


    I was thinking of upgrading a local copy of 1.4.7 then upgrading that in place and then copying the order files into 1.6. But if you have an easier or faster way to do this?





    "Export orders module" is only export, but not import into new PrestaShop. Import orders into new PrestaShop installation is more complex problem. Maybe You can use something like Cart2Cart migration.

  12. Falgener,


    Thank you.  Yes, I just purchased your module and didn't notice the XML button change option until after I posted that question because that section heading in the module got overlapped with text.  


    For my initial problem, however, your suggestion is how I initially set up the export so I still have that problem.   So my only two options have been to either group by Invoice Number and have all 3 products in a single order displayed in 1 cell separated by |#| or group by Product Name which splits the invoice into as many lines as their are items in the order.  So on one hand I show the correct (1 invoice) but with multiple items squished into 1 cell which omits crucial data, and on the other hand I have the correct (3 lines for each item) but the invoice is split up 3 ways now.


    Does that make a little more sense the way I explained it this time? I realize my last explanation wasn't as clear.


    Thank you.



    simple way, send me example of export file ( my email I send  in personal message).

    Maybe we need create small module extension, no problem.

  13. Actually I have 1 other curiosity as well... Is there a way to rename the Calculated Fields before export?  Reason why I ask is because for instance if I wanted to combine delivery_firstname and delivery_lastname into one field I would still like the combined field to be called Delivery Name or Customer Name because I will be setting up a cron job to have our orders exported and emailed directly to the fulfillment center so I have to have the field names organized and named properly pre-export.  Thank you again.



    - Yes, columns names for excel You can change bottom in part "Rewrite XML elements tag, CSV columns + buttons" - "CSV columns + buttons names". Dont forget save settings.

    - Combination in different cell - select in "OPTIONS" - "Product combinations" option and add "Combinations" into exported fields.


    - To first question - check, if new configuration is saved.

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  14. Hi,


    I have a question. I use an overide multifeatures for one product ( from this thread https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/176242-modification-select-multiple-values-for-one-feature/ )  Does you export/import package this kind of products ? I have ca. 1k products with ca 200 features.

    If you can make i will certainly buy it. I need to move products from 1.5.x to 1.6.x






    I think this will be problem, because multi features solution uses override. For first step You can download free export module and check one product, if will be exported all multi features for this product ok. ( <SHOPITEM> key <FEATURES> )

    If Yes, send me PM and we can test import on test site.

  15. thanks for testing it.


    http://devel3.secretoscompartidos.com.es/test_xml_dildos_2.xml her you have a version without the unwanted char. 


    on the beginning of xml file is missing:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    Property Product->meta_description length (559) must be between 0 and 255

    edit tag <META_DESCRIPTION_L1>


    this is link to your modified xml, work OK for me:



    (And small advice - enable debug mode in config/defines.inc.php. You will see what is wrong.)

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