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    So, second Edit, because i couldnt wait and bought the module now.. awesome work dude  B)


    But i would still need a little help...
    1. ...in getting the correct formula for my shipping: I have 4 different carriers in my shop (SG Post, eBay economy intl, DHL Global mail and eBay standard intl)
    so in excel it should be a formula like this but i cant get it to work with the module: 
    if "SG Post" or "eBay economy intl" Then write "STANDARD"
    if "DHL Global mail" or "eBay standard intl" Then write "DHLGM"
    2. ...with getting my order in a single line. at the moment there is either 3 lines for an order with 3 products or there is one cell containing the products in Sum and the qty's in sum.
    I would need it like: Product SKU, qty, product sku2, qty2, etc
    Are these things possible? this would be even more awesome than the module is anyway!
    Thanks for your time and answer!




    this will be possible with module "extension". Send me sample of export file, what You need. I will contact You from email.


  2. Hi,


    Bought the module and I am impressed what it can do. But what I hope to accomplish is not possible I think.


    I was hoping to have one row per order, showing the order price and all tax fields in columns. So as in this module: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/19810-invoices-advanced-search-report-export.html


    I would like to get someting on one row, order no.,total paid, Paid products incl 21%, Paid products excl 21%, Paid products incl 6%, Paid products excl 6%, shipping incl tax, shippening excl tax.


    So all products by tax summed.



    this is possible with module extension. Contact me at http://netvianet.com/contact-us , where I can send extension.

  3. Hi,


    Is there an option to generate link to XML file with only one specific order? I'm looking for module in with we can send link to order details via mail alerts module. Customer service will receive e-mail with notification and link to all details in XML file.



    You can export each Order into separate file. You can use fixed file name - in this case link to exported file will be still same. Or You can send exported file (instead link) to Customer service email. There is many possibilities  - I sent You access to test site in personal message .

  4. Thanks. It is a good feature which I would like to use, if you fix it.


    The order export from the previous order is working fine which is great.


    Ok, it is not bug :)

    Filter "Supplier"  works with Order detail. Because inside same ID Order can be more products from more suppliers.  This is why filter "Supplier" is not applied to ID Orders, is applied only inside each Order ID. See more here: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-supplier-filter-explanation/


  5. I have just tried the feature to update the order status for exported orders.

    I have 5 exports set up, each one filtered for the supplier.


    I only set up the option to update the order status for 1 setting, but it updated all other other orders too, from the other suppliers, which were not in the export.


    Is this a bug ?





    Seems to yes, it is bug, supplier filter is not applied... :unsure:  I will check it.


  6. Hi,

    Im a happy customer but I have question about setting up cron jobs to regualr exports.

    I have set up 4 different settings for 4 different cron jobs to run each morning with all the orders since the same time yesterday.


    I have used the option "Automatic day from now" = 1. Can you confirm that this will give me all the orders since the same time yesterday and not all of yesterdays orders ?


    I dont want people to miss orders or get orders in duplicate  exports.






    better way (if possible) is using filter "Last exported Order ID". Here is article, why: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-export-only-new-orders-with-cron/



  7. hi:


    This module works for because with this prestashop we found a bug if you have a product created with combinations and if you use specific prices for a quantity discount, the prestashop don't works good.






    As far as I know, work. I found only problem for PS 1.6.x with wrong displayed "VOLUME DISCOUNTS" if shop isn't set in default currency. In Cart is all OK, in BackOffice is all OK.... I think this is template problem, but I will test more this issue.

    (same problem is if discount is created manually, because module uses PS classes.)

    I sent You access to test site with instaled PS


  8. I see but it will be cool to have the shipping address button, it's just easier and it's an important field I guess, right now there is no possibility to have the address ready to print


    Another thing I need to work with formula to do my very basic accounting... I give a basic and important calculation to be done:

    I want to calculate my total cost per order and my total income per order so I can calculate the profit


    total income per order is fine, it's working

    total cost per order (wholesale amount is not good, it will separate each amount by # then impossible to calculate the profit per order


    I want to do something very basic 1) Total amount of ther order paid by the customer 2) my total cost for this order 3) calculate_field (total amount order products without shipping paid - total cost of products)

    seems impossible to calculate the profit per order, am I right ?



    some things are possible with "module extension".

    Send me example of output file to my email. (my email in personal message)


  9. Hello,


    Before I purchase this module I want to know if I can do this:


    1) Show in one cell the address ready to be printed for one order ? (I don't want to make any manual modification)

    2) I want to be able to show in one cell "Delivery First Name & Delivery Last Name"

    First name and last name will be separated by one space

    3) I want to be able to show in one cell "Delivery address 1 & Delivery Address 2"

    Delivery address 1 and Delivery Address 2 will be separated by one space


    All modules I see they have only the possibility to display first name and last name in separated column

    I know that if for example the column A shows the First name and column B shows the Last name then I can create a new column manually in Excel and I do for example  =A1& " " &B1 then the content will be display like what I need BUT the problem is that the content of each text is a formula and not plain text then again I need to create a second column manually to copy and special paste using "value" ... I don't want to do that


    I need a module that I can display straight forward the values as what I need for my system. I don't want manual work.



    yes, it is possible export in one cell. And much more...

    I sent You access to test site as personal message.


  10. Hi, and happy new year !!


    I've bought and installed your module to import new product promotions for january sales; 


    unfortunately, I can't use it : I want to use import csv , and have many combinations :

    I need the combination sku field to specify , as I have no clue about the attribute id field you export .. how am I suppose to know it ?


    is it possible to add a combination SKU field ?

    thanks a lot


    - Arnaud



    yes, I think it will be possible. But I need check it little more. In two days I will have test version...


  11. hi.

    i have update to new version 2.3.3


    but i have a problem with the special characters '

    for example if 'delivery_address1' is: VIA MARCO D'ALFOSO

    in the csv for name i have : "Syntax error"


    while if if 'delivery_address1' is: VIA MARCO D ALFOSO

    in the csv for name i have no problem



    in the previous version i have no problem.



    version 2.5.1 released. Among others fix this issue.

    (Export settings before update, then uninstall old  version and install new. Then import saved settings.)

  12. hi.

    i have update to new version 2.3.3


    but i have a problem with the special characters '

    for example if 'delivery_address1' is: VIA MARCO D'ALFOSO

    in the csv for name i have : "Syntax error"


    while if if 'delivery_address1' is: VIA MARCO D ALFOSO

    in the csv for name i have no problem



    in the previous version i have no problem.



    thanks for info.

    This is problem in "Calculated field". I forgot this issue, will be repaired soon...


  13. Hi,

    great module. Im a happy customer so far.


    Is it possible to filter the order export only on a particular product reference code ?





    now is not possible. You can use "FILTERS" -  "Sort result by: - Product reference".


    But I think this is nice idea, so I will try to add into next version.



    i have this error when i try to use this module.



    Property SpecificPrice->id_group is empty

    at line 837 in file classes/ObjectModel.php


    832.             $message = $this->validateField($field, $this->$field);

    833.             if ($message !== true)

    834.             {

    835.                 if ($die)

    836.                     throw new PrestaShopException($message);

    837.                 return $error_return ? $message : false;

    838.             }

    839.         }


    841.         return true;




    You got this error when you use "Live edit" or if You import discounts from csv?

    You got this error when Your setting is  to "All customers" or to only to some customer groups?


  15. Thank you

    I want to calculate wholesaale price X 1.18

    which formula would I have to use? 


    Updated answer:

    for wholesale price (included combination) correct calculated field should be set to:

    (combination_wholesale>0) ? combination_wholesale*1.18 : wholesale_price*1.18

    (Because combination  wholesale price overrides the wholesale price from the "Prices" tab.)



    If this formula will not work in Your module version, update to latest

  16. Hi,

    I have read this thread and your export module sounds exactly what I need. I would like to see the demo.


    I need to be able to filter the exports per product ( or category of products) as different people in the company need to only see the orders relevant to them.

     think I can use suppliers and supplier references for this. Is this possible ?


    Also, can I export the actual price paid per product, including the discount. This is the information that the finance department need.





    Yes, I think this will be possible. There are many filters and options in this module...

    Access to test site I sent You as personal message.



  17. Hi there,


    The module looks great! Just two questions before I purchase it:


    1. Will the module export all the products in each order, including product reference, product name and quantity, or only the first product as in some free modules that I have tried?


    2. Will it work on Prestashop 1.4.9?


    Thank you in advance!



    Yes, all products with product reference, product name and quantity, combinations etc. are exported. Depending on setting, You can also export grouped Orders: one Order - one line etc...

    Yes, will work for PS 1.4.9 (tested from PS 1.4.1)


    I sent  You access to demo site as personal message.

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