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  1. Hello, this will be possible with module "extension". Send me sample of export file, what You need. I will contact You from email. Thanks.
  2. Hi, this is possible with module extension. Contact me at http://netvianet.com/contact-us , where I can send extension.
  3. Hi, yes, You can export product wholesale price and combination wholesale price. I sent You access to test site in personal message. thanks
  4. Hi, You can export each Order into separate file. You can use fixed file name - in this case link to exported file will be still same. Or You can send exported file (instead link) to Customer service email. There is many possibilities - I sent You access to test site in personal message .
  5. Ok, it is not bug Filter "Supplier" works with Order detail. Because inside same ID Order can be more products from more suppliers. This is why filter "Supplier" is not applied to ID Orders, is applied only inside each Order ID. See more here: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-supplier-filter-explanation/ Thanks
  6. Seems to yes, it is bug, supplier filter is not applied... I will check it. Thanks
  7. Hi, better way (if possible) is using filter "Last exported Order ID". Here is article, why: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-export-only-new-orders-with-cron/ Thanks
  8. Hi, As far as I know, work. I found only problem for PS 1.6.x with wrong displayed "VOLUME DISCOUNTS" if shop isn't set in default currency. In Cart is all OK, in BackOffice is all OK.... I think this is template problem, but I will test more this issue. (same problem is if discount is created manually, because module uses PS classes.) I sent You access to test site with instaled PS
  9. Hello, some things are possible with "module extension". Send me example of output file to my email. (my email in personal message) Thanks
  10. Sorry, I forgot tell You "howto" Using "Calculated fields" - here are instruction : http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-calculated-fields/
  11. Hello, yes, it is possible export in one cell. And much more... I sent You access to test site as personal message. thanks
  12. Hi, yes, I think it will be possible. But I need check it little more. In two days I will have test version... Thanks
  13. Hi, Yes, "Order status" filter allow select multiple statuses.
  14. Hi, version 2.5.1 released. Among others fix this issue. (Export settings before update, then uninstall old version and install new. Then import saved settings.)
  15. Hi, thanks for info. This is problem in "Calculated field". I forgot this issue, will be repaired soon... Thanks
  16. Hi, thanks now is not possible. You can use "FILTERS" - "Sort result by: - Product reference". But I think this is nice idea, so I will try to add into next version.
  17. Hello, You got this error when you use "Live edit" or if You import discounts from csv? You got this error when Your setting is to "All customers" or to only to some customer groups? Thanks
  18. Hi, Updated answer: for wholesale price (included combination) correct calculated field should be set to: (combination_wholesale>0) ? combination_wholesale*1.18 : wholesale_price*1.18 (Because combination wholesale price overrides the wholesale price from the "Prices" tab.) If this formula will not work in Your module version, update to latest
  19. Hello, strange. Question about install is not shown? http://prntscr.com/8zaup2 It is little bit bigger module. You can try unzip and upload via FTP client to server.
  20. Hi, read this article: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-calculated-fields/ (sorry, this web is under reconstruction, so not all is alright )
  21. Hi, Yes, I think this will be possible. There are many filters and options in this module... Access to test site I sent You as personal message. Thanks
  22. Hi, Yes, all products with product reference, product name and quantity, combinations etc. are exported. Depending on setting, You can also export grouped Orders: one Order - one line etc... Yes, will work for PS 1.4.9 (tested from PS 1.4.1) I sent You access to demo site as personal message.
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