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  1. Hi, this module export informations about vouchers used in orders. But if I understand well, you search for module to export informations about all vouchers in shop? In my opinion this should be in other module.
  2. Hi, yes, of course it is possible. There are two ways: 1/ using xslt transformation - see here: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-simple-xslt-transformation-sample-2-step-by-step/ 2/ with module extension, simple, but I still don't have example, but I can prepare :-)
  3. I sent access to demo site in personal message. As You can see, with export order module You can export only vouchers, used in orders. I think, in this case will be better add this function into module specialized for vouchers management.
  4. Hello, unfortunately not. Can be exported only voucher name and value assigned to order.
  5. Hello, please, contact me from http://netvianet.com/contact-us Send me version of module and prestashop version and error message. Also You can update module from your order detail, see: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-modules-update/ (latest version is 2.6.2) Thanks Edit: Solved in version 2.6.3
  6. Hi, Version 2.7 released. Update from Your account / order detail: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-modules-update/ thanks
  7. Hi, - Number fields (like phone numbers or zip codes) are between quotes and start with = (like ="02630") this is useful only for csv for MS Excel, disable this option - see image: http://prnt.sc/dutt73 - Texts fields with spaces (like name, address, city, ...) are between quotes yes, this is csv specification see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values but you are not alone with this question, so tomorrow or in two days will be released update with export in plain txt format (without quotes etc...)
  8. Strange.... same setting works for me ok. Try disable "Group by" filter for a while, if will be some values in column "Tax total amount"
  9. Hello, it is possible with latest version 2.6.9 (with this version You can sum any field) - Download latest version from Your account, see how to here: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-modules-update/ - setup FILTERS / Group by see here: http://prnt.sc/du674e Thanks
  10. Hello, it is not too much complicated to add, only time-consuming . I can add into next version. 10 settings will be sufficient? Thanks.
  11. Hi, added filter/option "All Customer Groups (or default only)" see: http://prnt.sc/d21hx8 Howto update: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-modules-update/ thanks
  12. OK, wait a day, I will modify it for You, it is simple...
  13. Hello, exported name is group name, assigned by default to this customer. If I understand well - You need export all group names, where is this customer? (I think this will be possible with small module modification) Thanks
  14. Hello, access to demo site sent as personal message.
  15. Hello, access to test site sent as personal message. Quick help is here: http://www.praotec.com/prestashop-nvn-discounts-prices-module-quick-help/ Thanks
  16. Hi, yes, both modules are tested for PS Thanks
  17. Hi, If You have all order lines in one row, You have something in "Group by" in FILTERS. Select empty value for this filter. See image http://prnt.sc/c6kmlw Or another way - contact me from my website, I can send You settings file, support is included . Thanks
  18. Hi, not, this not solution, because still empty file will be created... I sent new version with fix to Your email.
  19. Yes, this is little bit issue, because in one order can be more suppliers. So this filter is applied later, so this can happen. But I think I can fix this issue in next version. I'll send You new version as soon as possible. Thanks
  20. Hello, will be something wrong in module setting. Uninstall / install module and make new setting.
  21. Hello, I think this will be possible, but contact me at http://netvianet.com/contact-us I'll prepare demo site, where we can configure exactly what You need. Thanks
  22. Hi, yes, this is possible with module extension. Contact me. (email sent as personal message) Send me sample file, what you need export.
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